Any business looking to stay competitive by making real-time data driven decisions needs to align itself with systems and tools that allow quick and effective decision-making. A business dashboard that has the right Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) gives business managers and analysts the ability to gain full access to into the entire scope of a business at a glance.

For the critical role of a Chief Financial Officer (CFO), having a dashboard gives instant insight into all business operations, can ensure that a business stays afloat with the right financial and business decisions.

Characteristics of an Effective CFO dashboard includes:

  • The ability to quickly disseminate information on all aspects of a business
  • Easy to make changes and manipulate
  • Monitors the right set of KPIs

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Setting Up Your CFO Dashboard:
25 KPIs Every CFO Dashboard Should Have

The infographic below presents a list of top 25 KPIs that most CFOs should be measuring and tracking to help with financial decisions.

Top 25 KPIs for CFOs Include:

  1. Accounts payable turnover
  2. Accounts receivable turnover
  3. Annual revenue per billable consultant
  4. Annual revenue per employee
  5. Billable utilization
  6. Budget creation cycle time
  7. Current ratio
  8. Budget variance
  9. Net promoter score
  10. Debt to equity ratio
  11. Expense management
  12. Finance error report
  13. Gross profit margin
  14. Quick ratio / acid test
  15. Internal audit cycle time
  16. Inventory turnover
  17. Line items in budget
  18. Net profit margin
  19. Operating cash flow
  20. Payment error rate
  21. Return on equity
  22. Payroll headcount ratio
  23. Profit margin
  24. Project overrun
  25. Working capital

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