For this week’s Visual Friday post, we turn to a very important element needed for cost reduction for any manufacturing business – eliminating waste. In this short video, we outline the 7 deadly wastes of manufacturing that every manufacturing business should avoid.

Watch Video: 7 Deadly Wastes of Manufacturing


Video Transcript:

  1. Overproduction
  • Overproduction involves making products that exceed the quantity demand of the market. Over production often leads to excessive inventory.


  1. Inefficient Transportation
  • Inefficient transportation happens when manufacturers are unable to transport finished goods or products in a cost effective manner.


  1. Waiting Time
  • Waiting time is any idle time produced when two interdependent processes are not working synchronically. Unbalanced manufacturing processes cause waiting time.


  1. Over-Processing
  • Over-processing is adding more value to a product than what is required by the consumer, often caused by not having standardized processes and specifications.


  1. Unnecessary Stock
  • Unnecessary stock or excess inventory occurs when more raw materials, work in progress or finished goods stock held is more than what’s needed to meet consumer demands.


  1. Unnecessary Motion
  • Unnecessary motion is any unneeded motion of movement either by man or machine that could cost you time and money due to additional stress.


  1. Rejects & Defects
  • Rejects and defects are any finished goods that are returned because they do not meet the quality standards, customer specifications or do not function properly.


To get started with identifying bottlenecks in your current manufacturing processes, there is the need to review your current business processes and commit to a business that is focused on continuous improvement.

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