Outsource.ITCloud-based, flexible deployment is the driving ERP deployment trend. By utilizing an ERP solution that is available as on-premise or in-the-cloud, your organization can maintain agility in today’s rapidly changing business environment. What are the top advantages of cloud ERP and, more important…

What do these advantages mean to your business?

The rapid evolution of global business has changed the way companies are approaching the deployment of ERP. Today’s need for agility and responsiveness has increased the demand for deployment choices; the constraints of early ERP systems—often monolithic, highly customized, and expensive to implement and maintain—have become increasingly pronounced in markets where change is accelerating, and the ability to respond nimbly and effectively to change is a strategic imperative. Increasingly, companies are discovering cloud-based ERP is an excellent option. Smaller companies implementing their first ERP system will often find subscription SaaS the most cost effective way to deploy a world-class ERP solution. Larger companies that are expanding operations worldwide can use cloud ERP to replicate business processes consistently around the globe.

Cloud ERP: Outgrowing QuickBooks Supports Manufacturing Growth

Why? Business needs and technical preferences can vary wildly over the life of a typical ERP deployment, so it’s good to choose a solution that lets you easily ‘port’ or migrate from one deployment model to another. Being able to move from on-premise to the cloud—or even within a deployment model, such as migrating from single-tenant cloud deployment to multi-tenant cloud deployment, is critical to an enterprise. The growing momentum of cloud-based ERP is well documented, and many companies are beginning to realize that it can mean higher reliability and lower management costs than on-premise deployments. Plus, the speed and ease of cloud-based deployments stand in stark contrast to the somewhat daunting memories of early ERP deployment. What’s more, cloud-based ERP lets a company’s IT team focus on strategic projects to benefit organizational growth.

What does cloud ERP mean for your business?

  • The ability to deploy ERP on-premise, in the cloud, or in any combination.
  • Greater adaptability in fluid, dynamic and always-evolving value networks.
  • Faster deployment, faster upgrades, and the ability to stay on top of technology.
  • Enhanced support of business growth and the improved ability to scale up or out to meet emerging opportunities—while minimizing risk.
  • Powerful, yet intuitive tools for easy configuration to specific business needs.

ERP systems were once deployed as monolithic systems running in local data centers. Implementing ERP was a landmark event: rare, disruptive, and often feared as an unavoidable hassle. In the current business environment, such a jolting and inflexible event is unwarranted. Today, there are a multitude of ERP deployment strategies: single-system, cloud-based, operational, peer, hybrid, and multi-level approaches. Advances in ERP system design, the advent of cloud computing, and the ongoing evolution of business are among the key factors driving this proliferation of choices.

What’s a Growth Driver? Cloud Business Intelligence

Companies now need to evolve quickly, which means being able to move some or all business operations to an existing or new ERP instance quickly and inexpensively, anywhere in the world.
Small companies are increasingly likely to become multi-national as emerging markets take on larger roles in revenue growth. Larger companies continue to optimize and innovate through
organic development, as well as through mergers and acquisitions. In this increasingly competitive environment, the ERP deployment choice can be a significant advantage for companies seeking an agile response to constantly changing and often-volatile market conditions. In particular, cloud-based ERP systems are increasingly seen as an effective means for companies to economically deploy new ERP or expand IT operations as their commercial reach broadens globally.

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