Benefits of an ERP Software Consultant and IT Services Assessment

Distributors and manufacturers, uniquely, have robust needs for ERP system functionality, including to meet growing customer expectations. Innovative ERP software does create growth opportunities, yet staying current with recent upgrades and add-ons, while managing complex daily processes, doesn’t allow much time for making a sweeping ERP system upgrade. In addition to trying a demo or talking with an ERP software consultant, let’s look at the benefits of getting a free technology and IT services assessment from CompuData.

Fitting Enterprise Level Solutions

Not all managed service providers are vertically focused for the manufacturing and distributing industries, so it’s important to work with one that is. CompuData is not only vertically focused for these industries, but also has been providing IT services since 1971. Headquartered in Philadelphia, PA, CompuData provides ERP systems, managed IT solutions, and cloud based technology.

Thinking About Upgrading ERP Systems?

Enterprise level systems can become complex and outdated quickly with:

  • rapidly developing online technologies
  • changing B2B and B2C expectations
  • and shifting workforce/vendor behaviors.

The rise of cloud and mobile computing technologies and the need for enhanced order management software are prime examples of recent changes affecting distributors and manufacturers. An ERP software consultant will assess your business needs, evaluate growth patterns, and help project the best system for your organization.

Although, businesses may have a modicum of software system support and decent in-house IT departments, constant add-ons, integrations, security and compliance changes, and upgrades – all work toward developing inefficiencies in core business processes. Executive management, seeing bottlenecks emerge without sufficient remedy with established upgrade protocols, may begin to wonder if there’s a better way.

Yet, searching out solutions for upgrading ERP systems begins to be more of a bottleneck than the problems they are trying to remedy. Switching or making sweeping transformations to ERP systems is not something enterprise level distributors or manufacturers can afford to risk failing at – momentum built on for years could collapse and key clients could be lost.


Technology and IT Services Assessment

CompuData understands these concerns, and as a solution offers businesses a free technology and IT services assessment. This is a comprehensive assessment that checks and diagnosis every possible aspect of a business’s IT systems. Instead of, simply, talking to an ERP software consultant or trying out a demo, businesses can measure exactly how efficient, secure, and sustainable their IT systems are.

Specifically, the assessment covers:

  • Business Software Selection
  • Servers (Physical, Virtual, Colocation)
  • Network Monitoring
  • Mobile Devices
  • Analysis of Current IT Challenges
  • Security and Compliance
  • Backup and Disaster Recovery
  • VoIP Services or Landlines
  • Short and Long Term Objectives
  • Patch Management (Operating System)
  • Cloud Solutions Assessment
  • Vendor Management
  • …and many more IT Services

The main objective is to show how to improve your current IT systems through a comprehensive, detailed report. Executive management can then make a more informed choice on future ERP upgrade actions, with a better understanding of where bottlenecks are in system processes and where vulnerabilities are with security and compliance issues.

With this assessment from a CompuData ERP Software Consultant, businesses can determine a proactive, strategic plan for the future.


CompuData’s comprehensive technology and IT services assessment is a good way for businesses to answer the ERP system upgrade question. CompuData has the: experience, vertically expertise, and MSP solutions that distributors and manufacturers need, in order to get clarification and answers to these important upgrade questions. Please contact us today for a free consultation or to learn more.