CompuData Cloud Backup Services

Secure, Reliable, Efficient Data Protection

Cloud-Connected Backup and Recovery

Secure Data Protection for all your Business Data

The CompuData cloud backup and recovery service is a secure reliable backup and recovery service that provides secure and reliable protection for your organization’s on-premise data, and business software applications using a top-tier data center.

Business software data and applications protected include:

  • Sage 100
  • Sage CRM
  • Sage HRMS
  • Epicor ERP
  • Other ERP systems and business applications

Secure your business data with a continuous nightly backups to the cloud and to the local hard drive automatically protect endpoint data without disrupting users. Users can easily recover files without Help Desk support and can search for and retrieve files using smart phones and tablets including Android devices and Apple iPads and iPhones.

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Centralized Backup

CompuData Cloud centralizes all your organization’s systems for backup and recovery. You’ll be able to easily manage and monitor all your data for all systems and locations. Data backup processes are easily accessible with a within any web connected device to give your business the total data security and flexibiliy that you need. In the event of a disaster, recovery is just a few clicks away.

Reduce Risk

CompuData Cloud Endpoint Protection reduces the risk of data exposure by protecting and securing all your organization’s systems. We ensure that all your data is backed up and safe in the event of a stolen PC or even worse, disaster.

Meet Internal and Government Regulations

CompuData Cloud ensures that your data is protected and stored correctly to meet governmental and data protection policies. With a flexible retention schedule to help meet your internal and external requirements, you’ll be able to get real-time accurate insight on your entire backup and recovery process.



CompuData Cloud specialists will help you set up your organization’s backup schedule quickly and efficiently. We’ll always ensure that your data is protected, backed up and functional. If you encounter a problem, just reach out us!

Endpoint Protection

All-In-One Desktop and Laptop Protection

CompuData Cloud Endpoint Protection integrates seamlessly with desktops and laptops to provide secure backups and recoveries while protecting your data. Connected with our cloud, our protection keeps working even when your PCs are offline — transmitting data to a local drive and replicating as soon as your device connects to a network. We ensure that all your data is kept safe 24/7.

System Restore

Quickly Recover Unusable Systems

CompuData Cloud System Restore can quickly restore your organization’s system (including data) after a catastrophic failure. With a manual restore process, a complete recovery can take hours. Our process centralizes the backup and recovery of all the systems in your organization and makes restoring your data quick and seamless. Your systems will be back up and functioning within minutes.


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