Cloud Computing provides the opportunity for greater flexibility, better collaboration, budgeting and savings on IT overhead costs. While monetary savings maybe easier to quantify, qualitative forms of savings such as, an increase in productivity as a result of workforce mobility, should also be taken into consideration when calculating the overall cloud cost savings for a business.

Cloud computing services are great for helping your business reduce operational expenses. Think of all the IT headaches you can leave behind. From purchase costs of computer systems and equipment, to software licensing, and the need to maintain an in-house IT staff, cloud services allow you to streamline your daily operations and enjoy greater savings than you may have thought possible.

The total savings and ROI that cloud services provide can differ depending on many factors such as your current costs, future needs and the specific applications, features and services that are of greatest benefit to your business.

Cloud Cost Savings: Reduced IT Costs

The expenditures of an in-house qualified IT professional, a complete internal department or contracts with a service provider who services internal hardware can quickly add up. Cloud services that provide you with flexible access to off-site data storage and services can eliminate the need for additional computer systems and on-site storage options, and will greatly reduce the number of in-house technical issues that require the services of an IT professional in order to address. The potential savings with regard to IT related costs and expenses often offsets the expense required to obtain cloud services, and may even allow businesses to enjoy a substantial return on their investments.

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Pay Only for the Applications and Services You Use

Paying for services that are only used infrequently, if at all, is an unnecessary expense that can be overlooked all too easily. Cloud solutions that require your business to pay only for the services, features and resources that are required may allow you to reduce overhead costs by eliminating service costs and licensing fees that may have escaped your notice. The ability to select only the services your business may require, and to make changes regarding the cloud services you have access to in response to your future developments and changing needs, can make a real difference. This is especially true for organizations seeking to reduce overhead costs as much as possible.

Cloud Hosting Provides Greater Flexibility

Restricting access to your data and files, applications or services by requiring physical access to on-site equipment or to the local network and servers can limit the effectiveness of your staff and associates. Cloud services offer the means for employees to work from almost any location, freeing them from the constraints and limitations associated with conventional working environments. Ensuring that your staff is able to contribute to important projects or respond to changing situations and circumstances, regardless of their physical location or personal schedules, can result in a noticeable increase in worker efficiency.

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Cloud Storage Solutions Offer Superior Protection

The issues, problems and potential bottlenecks that may be caused by equipment failure, computer and network crashes and even physical damage or theft of on-site servers can be nothing short of a catastrophe. The added security and greater resiliency cloud computing services are able to provide will minimize the potential disruptions and obstacles caused by minor problems and ensure that your organization is able to recover more swiftly and successfully should you be faced with larger issues. Off-site data storage can provide a greater degree of security and the means to ensure more complete data recovery than would be possible for organizations that continue to rely on on-site servers.

Create a More Efficient Working Process

From reduced operational costs to the greater flexibility and security needed to maximize worker efficiency and productivity; cloud storage services and solutions can be a major asset for many businesses.

Lower overhead and streamline your daily working process. It is an easier undertaking when you have access to the right cloud-based services and solutions. Relying on on-site servers to provide you with data storage, hosting and access to key applications and programs may be a costly liability that your business can no longer afford. Depending on your needs and circumstances, your cloud-based services may provide you with a level of savings that you cannot overlook.

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