ERP SoftwareThe drive for progressive businesses today is on expanding the accuracy and granularity of financial and management reporting.

What’s motivating this drive? Savvy executives, investors, shareholders and auditors want to know more than what is happening – they want to know why.

Today’s businesses want comprehensive dashboards that can display real-time reports and metrics, with fast views of the critical business insights that matter most, such as cash balances, project profitability, forecasted revenues and more. What’s more, data visualization is the goal of today’s financial reporting solutions, as financial teams want to quickly view critical comparisons in real time – eliminating the need for exporting data to a spreadsheet. For company’s seeking multi-dimensional financial reporting views of their day-to-day operations – at their fingertips – today’s innovative financial dashboards convey a big picture view of both financial and operational data.

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ERP.implementation.success.2017The pressure is on today’s CFO to provide faster and more granular visibility into what’s driving company performance. Today’s executive dashboards are to CFOs what cockpit control panels are to pilots – the business equivalent of dials and meters, all designed to provide the CFO with a real-time status of the business using KPIs. Intacct’s financial dashboards convey a big picture glance that can be tailored to each stakeholder, including metrics such as cash balances, project profitability, or trends in revenue per square foot. Benefits include improved visibility with reporting featuring both types of performance metrics: financial and operational.

Today’s financial accounting dashboards ensure CFOs get the deep operational and business-performance insights they need to take real-time actions. Intacct dashboards, for example, offer the following for businesses graduating from QuickBooks and ready to get granular.

  1. See every dimension of your business: More easily create reports, graphs, dashboards, and visualizations that analyze performance by business driver. When you use dimensions to tag transactions and store financial or operational data along with its business context, you will fundamentally improve your reporting—and get fast answers to your business questions. Intacct Reporting and Dashboards includes ten built-in dimensions for capturing and reporting on business context. You can also create additional custom dimensions to track other business drivers.
  2. Get the rich reports you need—the way you want them: Create reports that go deeper by drawing on your combined financial and operational data. What’s more, you can drill down to source transactions for immediate, granular details or easily view consolidated reports without waiting for period-end. With Intacct, you can do it all without exporting data to a spreadsheet, writing custom scripts, or waiting on someone to customize reports.
  3. Make it easy for stakeholders to get the insights they need: Display real-time reports, metrics, and insights tuned to the needs and perspectives of all stakeholders—in finance, sales, operations, and the boardroom—wherever and whenever they need them. Dashboards provide at-a-glance views of what matters most: cash balances, project profitability, deferred revenues, revenue per square foot—practically any ratio or metric you need. Data visualization features let you easily flag important trends, display critical comparisons, highlight missed or hit targets, and more.

With businesses pushing to graduate from QuickBooks and face business growth with better financial and operational reports, dimension-driven analytics and guided operational reporting, comprehensive dashboards, such as Intacct’s financial reporting dashboard, are tailored to include reports, graphs, charts, visualizations, custom lists, calendars and more – with drag-and-drop capabilities signaling new productivity for today’s mobile workforce.

faith-based-organizations-financial-managementThe Intacct experts at CompuData are ready to help you get granular with your financial reporting. An Intacct Business Partner, CompuData can help you leverage Intacct to drive data-driven decisions with intelligent dashboard functionality.

If you are ready to drive your financial reporting with advanced dashboard functionality, contact CompuData today!