Every organization has its own unique operations and ambitions but all organizations have one passion in common – they all want to produce and deliver high-quality products to their customers, on time and at an affordable cost.  For a company to meet these demands, the leaders and managers should make wise decisions based on accurate data and the right Managed IT services and ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software systems

ERP is business management that consists of various integrated applications that a company can use to operate its business. It aids in collecting, storage, management and retrieval of data in various departments such as procurement, manufacturing, products planning, sales and marketing, and accounting among other operations.

Manufacturing Operations

Streamlining manufacturing operations with the right technology can result in increased profit margins. CompuData offers extended techniques of integrated manufacturing software systems such as ERP, CRM, HR solutions and accounting. All these techniques will enable any organization to deliver on time and enhance the quality assurance of their products.

Despite the structure of your business, manufacturing solutions will allow your company to meet its target. As a result, your organization will experience streamlined operations, lower cost of production and increased returns.

Managed IT Solutions

For any business to thrive, proactive IT solutions are required.  Managed IT solutions will enhance high manufacturing rates since the organization won’t waste time and resources reacting to IT issues. With the rapid growth in technology organizations should invest in Managed IT solutions to curb IT breakdown during production.

Managed IT will detect and prevent crucial matters such as downtimes, security vulnerability, and compliance issues. This will result in increased production, safety and compliance and also increased profitability and maximize the company’s potential.

Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting allows an organization to protect and manage valuable business data with secure data encryption, endpoint controls, secure access monitoring and remote storage of data.  Cloud hosting will take your business to a whole new level; it is designed to accommodate your core business applications. An organization using Cloud systems eliminates unpredictable IT breakdown costs, unplanned maintenance and server upgrading. This, therefore, results in lower cost of production and increased returns.

Accounting Software Solutions

Accounting software is significant to every business. Adopting it is one of the most crucial decisions that an organization can make. Accounting software will enable a business to track and monitor every aspect of its transactions including sales, financial information, taxes, customer information and vendors.

Accounting software stores and quickly retrieves any useful data that the company’s accountant may require. Most of the software is designed in such a way that your organization can customize the essential features and applications to suit the specific needs of the company.  As a result, accurate information will be generated, and the company can make a deliberate decision on the best interests of the company.

CRM Software Solutions

Customer Relation Management software (CRM) provides the company with a central location that gathers customer information; both present and historical information.  CRM helps automate manual information, business process, and improved communication in an organization. The benefits of CRM include customer information visibility gathered through campaigns, notes, and surveys.  CRM helps create a secure data control, a system of ensuring and managing customer and business information. The results are reduced customer acquisition costs and less inventory cost management.

Technology is transforming the world of business and can streamline your entire organization to keep it competitive and profitable.  Contact CompuData to schedule an assessment and learn more about our business solutions.