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High Growth Requires Turn-Key Financial Management Solution

Bulk TV and Internet specializes in offering DIRECTV and Dish Network packages for commercial properties such as hotels and apartment buildings. With a staff of only 20 employees covering the entire United States, efficiency and productivity — as well as collaboration across departments — are critical to the company’s success.

“Intacct’s ability to integrate with Salesforce offered us
tremendous value. We didn’t have to spend a lot of time and money up front to create the integration and, once the
applications were linked, we gained better control of our contract management and billing processes. Getting the invoices out the door faster means we get paid faster.”

Brian Madigan, Controller  | Bulk TV & Internet

Intacct provides Bulk TV and Internet with a complete on-demand financial management solution that helps improve overall operations. By integrating Intacct with its Salesforce application, information now flows easily across the organization. Instead of finance having to manually enter sales data into their financial application, customer and contract information is now automatically shared from Salesforce into Intacct — significantly shortening the company’s lead-to-cash process.

Since Bulk TV started using Intacct, the company has enjoyed the benefits of improved financial controls and a better way to handle its contract management and renewals processes.

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Company Facts:

Name: Bulk TV & Internet
Location: Raleigh, North Carolina
Industry: Telecommunications
Employees: 51-200
Software: Intacct
Website: bulktv.com

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Previous Business Challenges

  • Looking to integrate its CRM and financial applications to improve operations.
  • QuickBooks often crashed and required regular IT intervention.
  • Wanted to eliminate the need to export data to Microsoft Excel for reporting.

Results with Intacct

  • Fast and easy integration with Salesforce CRM delivers improved lead-to-cash process.
  • Improved contract management and renewals process improved efficiency, eliminating need to add accounting staff.
  • Better reporting and real-time access to key business metrics facilitates more strategic decision-making.

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