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In Search of Flexible Cloud ERP

Founded in 2003, Member Business Solutions (MBS) provides business lending and servicing for over 100 small credit unions across the United States. As the company rapidly expanded its service offerings, its internal financial management needs evolved as well.

“Intacct is transforming our organization by giving each of our leaders 100% visibility into the financial and operational metrics they’re responsible for, which helps them take greater ownership over their respective areas of the business.”

Cori Schmidt-Zdrazil, VP Finance | Member Business Solutions

With Intacct, the company shortened its monthly close from seven to just two days, and cut the time its finance team spends generating standard financial statements and employee revenue reports by ten hours a month.

Intacct made the biggest impact on the company’s billing process. By integrating Intacct with its nCino bank operating system, MBS was able to streamline fee tracking for its underwriting and documentation services, which reduced time spent on this type of billing from four days to four hours each month.

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Company Facts:

Name: Member Business Solutions
Location: Tallahassee, FL
Industry: Consumer Lending
Employees: 21
Software: Intacct

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Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable,
General Ledger, Project Accounting

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Previous Business Challenges

  • Lengthy monthly close and billing process.
  • Manual billing process leading to the possibility of revenue leakage.
  • Inhability to quickly analyze data and answer critical business and financial questions.

Results with Intacct

  • Eliminated 70+ hrs/mo from billing processes.
  • Saved 30 hours/mo on reporting and responding to ad-hoc requests for financial data.
  • Slashed monthly close by more than two-thirds.
  • Decreased revenue leakage by streamlining project billing.

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