ERP software is regularly evolving to meet more complex demands and significantly improve productivity. Sage 100 ERP helps you make smarter, better, business decisions with seamless access to key areas of your business.

Some of the ERP trends for the coming year, include the ways in which this type of software could interact with developments in big data and the Internet of Things. One ongoing demand from companies is for a software that’s user-friendly, easy to set up, and adaptable, functioning well across devices. ERP software that continues to evolve in this way, becoming easier to use and adapting to changing technologies and business needs, will prove beneficial for a company of any size.

Let’s explore some of SAGE 100 ERP best qualities.

It accommodates growth. A business that starts off with a handful of employees can wind up expanding to dozens working in multiple offices or facilities. SAGE 100 ERP can accommodate a growing number of users. Furthermore, it also supports and responds to developing needs. Even if you start out using it only for certain accounting purposes, for example, you can later include additional accounting features as well as other types of modules (e.g. for your human resources activities or manufacturing workflow).


Easily customizable. Changing the software to better suit your company’s needs doesn’t require expertise with coding. The user interface is straightforward, and though you may benefit from advice on how to best set it up for your business and make the relevant customizations, you’ll also be able to work with it on your own.

Centralization and coordination. With this software, personnel from different areas of your business can work off of the same set of data. They have access to the most updated information, ensuring that they’re all on the same page. This cuts down on confusion, redundancies, errors, and time wasted on unnecessary phone calls or emails. Working off the same data also improves customer relations. For example, your marketing, sales, and customer service teams can collaborate more effectively to cultivate a strong relationship with customers.

Useful data. For businesses to thrive these days, they need to be data-driven. Data is the foundation for a wide range of insights that can accelerate growth and boost profits. However, data is useful only when it’s meaningful. SAGE 100 ERP software can easily gather, organize, summarize, and present your most important data, including key performance indicators (KPIs). Being able to access the data whenever you need to, through intelligible reports, charts, and graphs, is indispensable. The software is responsive, showing you the latest data so that you aren’t working off of outdated figures.

Automation and organization. SAGE 100 ERP software saves you time and money by organizing a web of businesses processes and rendering them more efficient through automation. You retain oversight without constantly needing to provide input. More automation also means that your processes are less likely to suffer from human error. Your employees, in the meantime, can focus their energy and attention elsewhere and work with improved productivity.

Given that ERP software is key to organizing and managing a wide range of business activities, choosing the right solution will help your company thrive. With SAGE 100 ERP, your business can function as if it’s a larger company with a greater number of personnel. Furthermore, in a technology-driven world, it’s harmful for your business to miss out on such advantages as automation and continuously updated, centralized, and comprehensive data. You can also expect this kind of software to continue evolving to accommodate future business needs and technological change. Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information about SAGE 100 ERP.