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Angela Nadeau

Mother Hen
To help clients grow their business with innovative technology solutions.


Fun Facts:
  • Favorite Meal: Julia Child’s beef bourguignon made the long, slow, old-fashioned way
  • Best Achievement: Successfully raising two great daughters
  • Describe Yourself In Three Words: Adventurous. Intelligent. Straightforward.
  • Hobbies: I’m an outside girl at heart. I love to kayak.
  • Hidden Talents: Experimental Cooking.

Andy Refsnider

Enterprise Software Cyclist
Supporting and improving software solutions.


Fun Facts:
  • Favorite Meal: Crab Cakes
  • Favorite Superstar: Larry Bird
  • Describe Yourself In Three Words: Driven, Enthusiastic, and Giving
  • Hobbies: Long-distance cycling, Basketball
  • Hidden Talents: I have played electric bass guitar for over 30 years and can play just about any genre of music (except rap!!)
  • 1st car: 1980 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme
  • Board Game you win: Cribbage
  • Favorite sports team: Boston Celtics/Red Sox – New England Patriots (No I’m not related to KH)
  • Dream vacation: Week long cruise to the Caribbean
  • Favorite Candy: Black Licorice

Dale Wetherill

Managed Services Extraordinaire
Transforming break/fix IT support to proactive innovative decision-making.
    Fun Facts:
    • Favorite Meal: Baked Ziti
    • Favorite Superstar: My parents
    • Describe Yourself In Three Words: Loyal, Unselfish, Passionate
    • Best Achievement: Honor Graduate from Marine Corps Boot camp
    • Hobbies: Mixed Martial Arts
    • Hidden Talents: Drummer
    • 1st car: 1975 Ford Grenada
    • Board Game you win: Risk
    • Favorite sports team: Phillies
    • Dream vacation: Anywhere with my wife and kids
    • Favorite Candy: Smarties

    Ed Guarrieri

    Tech Toy Designer
    Creating cloud solutions that allow businesses to have fun at work.
    Fun Facts:
    • Favorite Superstar: Larry David
    • Favorite Meal: Sushi
    • Best Achievement: Making my parents proud
    • Describe Yourself In Three Words: Loyal, Energetic, Ambitious
    • Hobbies: Play basketball, soak up the sun, listen to Pink Floyd
    • Hidden Talents: Amazing air guitarist

    James Clairmont

    Developer Extraordinaire
    To Develop innovative software solutions that meet each client’s unique business needs.
    Fun Facts:
    • Favorite Superstar:  Batman
    • Favorite Meal: Cheesesteaks
    • Best Achievement: Working at CompuData for 31 years (Woohoo!!)
    • Describe Yourself In Three Words: Competitive, Thoughtful, Easy-Going
    • Hobbies: Golf

    Kevin Haughey

    Client Hero
    To always come to every clients rescue whenever they need help and to ensure that their data is secure.
    Fun Facts:
    • Favorite Superstar:  New England Patriot’s Quarterback Tom Brady
    • Favorite Meal: Anything Italian
    • Best Achievement: Helped build a loyal customer base
    • Describe Yourself In Three Words: Friendly, Helpful, Good
    • Hobbies: Fishing

    Linda Napoli

    Business Growth Expert
    Aligning the right business solutions that create the ultimate environment for growth.
    Fun Facts:
    • Favorite Superstar: I am inspired by those that do great things with small steps and from simple beginnings
    • Favorite Meal: I’m a Foodie, but, haven’t met a FISH that I didn’t like.
    • Best Achievement: To yet be determined, always growing and chasing new goals.
    • Describe Yourself In Three Words: Kind, Driven, Sincere
    • Hobbies: Anything Music and/or Outdoor related: Combined? Even better!
    • Hidden Talents: Won many singing alone in the car awards. Ping Pong is my game.

    Anthony Ufolla

    Chief Technology Optimizer
    To ensure that our software solutions exceed customer expectations.
    Fun Facts:
    • Favorite Meal: Pasta
    • Best Achievement: Parenthood
    • Hobbies: Travelling

    Bill Gaasche

    Software Genius
    Creating innovative technology solutions for businesses.


    Fun Facts:
    • Favorite Meal: Anything my wife cooks
    • Best Achievement: A perfect game
    • Hobbies: Bowling
    • Hidden Talents: If I told you it would no longer be hidden

    Cathy Harris

    ERP/CRM Cognoscente
    Implementing and maintaining software solutions that improve visibiity.


    Fun Facts:
    • Favorite Meal: Susi or my mom’s Italian cooking
    • Describe Yourself In Three Words: Trustworthy, Dedicated and Creative
    • 1st car: 1979 Datsun 510 with an 8-track!
    • Favorite sports team: Phillies and Eagles
    • Dream Vacation: Italy
    • Favorite Candy: Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups

    Jim Klenk

    The wizard of numbers
    Increasing efficiency, productivity and profitability.


    Fun Facts:
    • Favorite Meal: Spare ribs
    • Best Achievement: Father of three great children
    • Describe Yourself In Three Words: Fun, loving…can’t think of a third word
    • Hobbies: Attending my children’s sporting events
    • Hidden Talents: Once won a skateboarding competition

    Susan Pawlowic

    Training Maven
    To ensure that clients are up and running with all the knowledge and tools that they need to succeed. 


    Fun Facts:
    • Favorite Superstar: Elton John
    • Meal: Burgers and Potato Salad
    • Best Achievement: Raising a child!
    • Describe Yourself In Three Words: Thorough, reliable, animated
    • Hobbies: Camping, hiking, and reading
    • Hidden Talents: Bead crafting

    Tyler Bower

    Cloud Evangelist
    Developing unique cloud strategies, because no cloud is created equal, nor is the customer. 
    Fun Facts:
    • Favorite Superstar: Brian Dawkins
    • Favorite Meal: Veal Marsala
    • Best Achievement: Becoming a Father
    • Describe Yourself In Three Words: Honest, Ethical, Passionate
    • Hobbies: Golf and spend time with my family
    • Hidden Talents: Really Good Cook

    Paul O’Neil

    Systems Genius
    Developing and maintaining efficient IT systems for clients.


    Fun Facts:
    • Favorite Meal: The perfect food; Pizza
    • Best Achievement: Helped raise four of the best kids on the planet
    • Describe Yourself in Three Words: Working to Improve
    • Hobbies: Hiking, music
    • Hidden Talents: Yes, but if I told you it would no longer be hidden

    Tim Herman

    Business Technology Wizard
    Finding ways to make businesses operate better.
    Fun Facts:
    • Favorite Superstar: Jesus!
    • Favorite Meal: Porterhouse Steak with Broccoli and Baked Potato.
    • Best Achievement: So far… Buying a house. More to come!
    • Describe Yourself In Three Words: Honest, Humble, Hard-Working.
    • Hobbies: Wrenching on Cars, Crossfit.
    • Hidden Talents: Encouraging and motivating others to achieve their goals.
    • 1st car:Oldsmobile Intrigue.
    • Board game you win:Anything you’ll let me win.
    • Favorite sports team:Penguins.
    • Dream Vacation:Tahiti.

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