CompuData collected data from client and prospect considerations and industry trends. Based on these findings, CompuData presents the Top 5 Ways to Drive Business Growth with IT.

Have you thought about your 2017 IT strategic plan? Do you know what decisions you should make in the coming year to ensure that your company thrives?

Figuring out what solutions work best for your business will require a thorough understanding of your current and future IT needs, along with current trends in IT that you can adopt to your advantage.

Strong IT solutions are critical for business growth. They help your business run more smoothly, reduce the chances of costly errors, increase productivity and efficiency, and better protect your data from devastating cyber-attacks.

Top 5 Ways to Drive Business Growth with IT

2017 IT Considerations

Automation. High-quality software can support a range of business operations, including accounting, project management, and customer relationship management. Software can take over a variety of tasks, performing them in an automated fashion with minimal supervision required. Automation will free up your employees’ time and attention for other responsibilities and assist them in completing their work more quickly and effectively. You need to evaluate your company for areas where automation can help you become more productive, and then decide on the software that will best serve your needs.

Data analytics. A recent article from Real Business points out how gut decisions alone usually aren’t reliable enough for major business decisions. Although acting on instinct or on conclusions drawn from personal experience sometimes does work out for the best, it would ultimately be costly for your company to downplay data analysis. When gathered, organized, and analyzed appropriately, data can provide you with invaluable insights and predictions, informing your decision-making process. The IT solutions you rely on should help you work with data in meaningful ways, strengthening your decision-making and better ensuring that you stay ahead of competitors.

The Internet of Things. An increasing number of devices have Internet capabilities and are able to communicate with each other – collecting, transmitting, and processing various kinds of data. The phenomenon of the “Internet of Things,” in which anything from an industrial sensor to a security camera can become Internet-enabled, opens up potentially valuable opportunities while also exposing you to additional risks. Figuring out what devices to use, how to configure them properly, and how to make use of the data collected will prove critical for businesses.

Creativity and flexibility. Traditionally, most businesses purchase certain software and stick with what’s in the box, so to speak, not tampering much with the product. Nowadays, with rapidly evolving technology and a workforce relying on a wider variety of devices, you may need to innovate more, coming up with new solutions and playing around with the ones you already have. You may find yourself developing your own applications and tweaking existing products in a unique way. The key is to experiment safely, using proven applications with a robust platform, without exposing your company to unnecessary cyber security risks.

Cyber security. Efforts in cyber security are often likened to a race against hackers who keep coming up with more sophisticated ways to steal data and penetrate networks. Strong proactive security measures, such as round-the-clock network monitoring, are crucial for protecting sensitive data from unauthorized access. Staying informed about the latest threats, and anticipating new ones, will reduce the chances of a successful cyber attack against your company. When your company is safer, it’s also in a better position to thrive and maintain a good reputation among customers and investors.

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Note: IT solutions aren’t restricted to fixing existing problems or performing routine maintenance. They’re part of an overall plan for growing your company and meeting your business needs in all areas. Consider the Top 5 Ways to Drive Business Growth with IT; determine where you’re planning to take your business in 2017; and evaluate the ways in which strong IT decisions can support your efforts and help you succeed. CompuData is the leading ERP, Managed IT, and Cloud-based technology solutions provider. Contact CompuData to schedule a demo.