Digitization of Manufacturing: During 2018, only 30 percent of manufacturers investing in digital transformation will be able to maximize the outcomes; the rest are held back by outdated business models and technology, according to IDC Manufacturing Insights, Moving Forward with Digital Transformation in the Manufacturing Industry, Technology Spotlight sponsored by Epicor.

What about you? Are you ready to:

Understand the technological challenges facing your business.
Assess the capabilities needed to support your digitization journey.
Leverage best practices to implement your digitization strategy.
Exploit growth opportunities with a sense of urgency – and a commitment to technological advancement for your organization?

Today’s advanced ERP platforms, like Epicor, introduce anytime, anywhere connectivity—supplying a powerful analytics, productivity, and inventory management tool without being tethered to a desktop. Your employees can view, edit, or create orders and quotes while in the field, and quickly understand the current state of their customer’s account.

A unified ERP suite, such as Epicor, provides real-time, integrated data, analytics, reporting, and personalized dashboards—enabling you to make faster, smarter business decisions. With better visibility, global connectivity, and an open API, Epicor ERP enables you to combine actionable insight with the latest technologies to release the true power of your data. Leveraging technology for growth, particularly cloud-based and web-based, real-time platforms, allow for better organizational connectivity (that means productivity) with open architecture. Manufacturing is changing —the advantages digital transformation are taking hold for today’s growth-minded manufacturers. It makes sense, just consider all the capabilities digital transformation brings.

Role-based insights for better, faster execution: Epicor ERP equips personnel with critical insights at a glance for better, faster analysis and execution. Active Home Page provides dashboard views of role-based analytics with quick access to role-based functionality. This is made possible through Epicor Data Discovery (EDD), which supports rich on-demand data exploration to surface real-time operational and business performance insights to guide decision making. EDD encapsulates complex data sets into easy-to-understand graphs and charts to allow users to quickly gauge performance, understand trends and opportunities, drill down into data sets, and test out “what if” scenarios.

Smart inventory planning and optimization: Optimal inventory strategies are essential to drive profitability and growth. With Epicor Smart Inventory Planning and Optimization—an integrated set of cloud-based capabilities for demand planning, inventory optimization, and supply chain analytics—businesses can drive best-practice sales and inventory operations planning (SIOP) and monitor myriad factors to prescribe inventory policies and service levels that yield the lowest total cost. The package offers a convergence of robust forecasting methodologies, optimization techniques, and consensus demand and inventory planning delivered via an easy-to-use interface accessible in any web browser. Reporting and analytics provide vital stats on inventory status to help uncover root causes of operational inefficiencies, stockouts, excess inventory, and late deliveries.

Capabilities to fit specific business needs—around the world and on the shop floor: New country- and industry-specific functionality provides support for the job at hand – whether it’s tax processing in Penang or casting and coating in Kansas City. Functionality localized for specific geographic regions supports global business compliance and reporting, tax and payment processing, and international trade requirements, including legal numbering, and non-recoverable taxes.

Upgrading with ease: Committed to providing positive experiences for its customers, Epicor has focused on “ease of everything” from deployment, education, through support, upgrades, and maintenance, resulting in greater profitability, productivity, and growth. New enhancements make it easier than ever for manufacturers to upgrade to the latest version of Epicor ERP to leverage new features and functionality to support growth and competitive advantage.

Keep in mind, innovation is vital and for the average manufacturing plant looking to enable growth, the key to success is a digitally-optimized operation. Are you ready to bring digitization to your manufacturing facility? Would you like to know how technology software like Epicor ERP can help your manufacturing business grow? Epicor ERP eliminates complexity, making ERP easier to use, more collaborative and more responsive. Once you have a clear strategy, understand your path for achieving growth, and have the people and technologies in place to support digitization, you are ready to embark on an epic journey. Manufacturers ready to adopt the latest technologies in cloud, analytics, and employee experience will be fit to grow and respond to the new digital challenges of tomorrow while achieving a competitive advantage.

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Author: CompuData

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