An Epicor ERP Software Solution that now has enhanced user experience through mobile management applications; an intelligent digital agent (Epicor Virtual Agent, EVA) that delivers real-time insights; and sales order automation for powering a digital transformation.

With expanded business intelligence and analytics along with the ability to gain deeper insights and new solutions which include Epicor IoT; customers can now realize better performance and more efficient operations.

Epicor ERP Software’s latest version of Epicor ERP 10.2.400, includes initiatives to further Epicor’s commitment to enhance usability, functionality, design, performance, and industry capabilities. The release is now available for current customers who are live or are currently implementing Epicor ERP 10.

Enhanced User Experience

Epicor invested in improving its usability through the introduction of new mobile and expense management applications. Built on the Kinetic Design System that was introduced at Insights in 2018, users are able to capture time and expense entry and approvals. Kinetic is a top-notch UX design framework that revitalized the look and feel of the system while greatly improving its overall performance. Similarly, the Gantt-based job scheduling board has been updated to operate at faster speeds and provide a more modern experience.

To continue to enhance usability, Epicor introduced Epicor Virtual Agent (EVA), which is an intelligent digital agent utilizing artificial intelligence to deliver real-time insights through text or voice. Lastly, through DocStar, Epicor will offer Sales Order Automation integrated into Epicor ERP Software which will reduce customer time and touchpoints, accelerating their sales and fulfillment velocity.

Expanded Business Intelligence and Analytics

The Epicor Data Analytics (EDA) expansion comes with the release of new content packs for field service and preventive maintenance as well as updated content packs for products and production. Driven by analytics, you are able to access deeper insights on projects and production management and evaluate your asset performance.

Gain Deeper Insights

The introduction of the Supplier Portal enables you to manage various aspects of your relationship with suppliers including capabilities like entering purchase transactions and processing RFQs.

One of the most prominent new solutions offered in the update is Epicor IoT, an application that monitors and visualizes data from sensors and other Epicor products. Epicor IoT is integrated with the Microsoft Azure IoT Hub, allowing you to capture and analyze large amounts of data to gain insight for smarter decision-making. Specifically, the Epicor ERP solution allows you to track inventory to help locate issues, monitor downtime to improve asset utilization and leverage predictive maintenance to support efficient manufacturing.

Ease of Everything

Epicor ERP 10.2.400 provides the “ease of everything” from deployment to maintenance and everything in-between that results in greater productivity, growth and profitability. It’s the solution that positions your company to grow, solving complex industry-specific challenges along the way.

Epicor University provides training modules including in-depth education courses, instructor-led courses and release guides, that explain the features and functions of the latest update. In addition, the Epicor Learning Center (ELC) is a valuable resource that allows you to assign courses and track employee comprehension. CompuData helps companies through detailed implementation processes and deployments. We provide you with peace of mind for your Epicor ERP implementation and use among employees to help create a digital transformation.

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Author: Marisa Marozzi

Marisa is a Marketing Coordinator that has a demonstrated history of working in B2B marketing with a focus in the finance, healthcare, and technology industries. Marisa brought her passion of digital marketing and content creation to CompuData in 2019.