Operating in a highly competitive industry, insurance companies must be proactive in fulfilling customer demands and building a trusting relationship. From countless administrative tasks to managing hundreds of forms and contracts for a variety of clients, insurance companies accumulate an overwhelming amount of paperwork. Moreover, the insurance industry faces strict compliance requirements and reporting needs, making it crucial to have a flexible and dependable ERP software solution.

Designed for the specific needs of the insurance industry, with our ERP solution you can:

  • Perform multi-company and multi-book accounting
  • Track and report in both GAAP and statutory accounting
  • Automate and simplify the accounting workflow freeing up valuable time
  • Manage premiums with auto pay capabilities through the customer portal
  • Calculate insurance payments, prepare insurance documents and automate contract accounting
  • Integrate data from across departments into one unified location

CompuData’s insurance ERP solution combines robust reporting capabilities, automation functions, and seamless integration to ensure the highest levels of flexibility. We understand the heavily regulated insurance industry and its unique reporting requirements and security needs. As an expert provider for insurance firms, we give you the capabilities you need to succeed. Our scalable solution allows your firm to easily adapt to changing compliance requirements and effectively manage internal controls.