For wealth management companies, increasing demands for client services and bottom line growth expectations can be difficult to overcome. Navigating a complex regulatory environment that is constantly evolving and becoming more intricate makes success even more challenging. Wealth management firms are leveraging technology solutions to accurately do everything from consolidating entities in real-time to combining financial metrics.

CompuData’s innovative technology solution for wealth management firms provides:

  • Access to dashboard analytics for instant shared access within and across entities, financial data, and key metrics
  • Meet compliance requirements with GAAP and front-to-back office audit trails
  • Continuous multi-entity consolidation of complex global financials
  • Share critical information instantly across multiple entities with real-time metrics for smarter decision making
  • A 360-degree view of your client for comprehensive insight

With our wealth management technology solution, your firm can focus on achieving your client’s goals. More and more wealth management firms are switching to cloud-based technology solutions to increase collaboration, promote growth, and ensure compliance. CompuData’s solution is specifically crafted to help securities and mortgage brokers, insurance agents, and other investment planners achieve effective portfolio management.