Government entities of all sizes face unique challenges in fiscal management, from political pressure to legislative constraints and regulatory mandates. Organizations in the public sector are often held to higher standards and must deliver valuable services to constituents and aim to reduce financial waste. In order to meet these high standards, government entities have turned to fully integrated ERP solutions to better manage their operations and streamline productivity.


Our ERP solution provides government entities:

  • Full visibility into the organization in order to maintain strict control over budgets and costs
  • Streamline processes including allocations, purchasing, budgeting, workflow, and document management
  • Trusted security to keep your data private and protected
  • Satisfy reporting standards and adapt as requirements change

CompuData specializes in providing government entities ERP solutions with the capabilities you need to enhance value of your organization and better serve your citizens. Our solution was built to fulfill the unique need of government entities from strict regulations to tight control over expenditures. With our solution, public sector organizations can streamline operational processes from budgeting to reporting in order to maximize efficiency.

The trusted cloud for government

Cloud Hosting

CompuData delivers the reliability that government entities need through our 24/7 virtual private cloud. Government entities can leverage our trusted cloud environment to comply with NIST and GDPR requirements. Our turn-key solution  lowers implementation risks and offers support for complying with EU data protection laws.

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Managed IT
Managed IT

Managed IT

Our Managed IT services for government entities take a proactive approach to IT monitoring to protect you against any potential threats. We are your trusted partner for your security needs including security management, preventative maintenance, server and network support, and cloud backup.

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