engineering industry

The engineering industry faces unique challenges operating in a demanding global environment. Up against various acquisitions, consolidations, and changes in growth and decline; engineering firms must be innovative to remain successful. In order to achieve consistent performance to remain profitable, engineering firms are turning to business technology solutions and accounting software like Sage Intacct to effectively operate.

Engineering firms can thrive using CompuData’s business technology solutions and accounting software that:

  • Automates operational processes to reduce project completion times
  • Enables complete visibility of all materials and inventory to support your sales and distribution efforts
  • Manages projects from beginning to end, including contract management and resource scheduling
  • Improves client relationships through accurate bid management and billing tools

CompuData’s accounting software solution, Sage Intacct, allows you to manage your engineering firm’s operations from end-to-end. Give your engineering firm the capability to align your accounting and operating functions to track your firm’s profitability and further your business goals. Our solution spans the whole product life cycle of an engineering trade, enhancing the flexibility of your firm and improving decision making. With our robust solution, engineering firms are able to scale with ease and thrive in a competitive market.