Managed Service Providers (MSPs) are a growing necessity to small and midsized businesses (SMB) to provide IT help and support as their sole IT provider or as a complimentary service to their existing IT team. Many organizations do not have the IT resources or expertise to have a fully functional technology department and benefit from hiring an IT company. Although on the surface all MSPs do the same thing, many are unable to provide a complete technology solution for your business. When considering an IT partner for your organization, it is important to look at all of the things they are offering and ensure they are providing more than the bare minimum for your business. Below we will discuss 3 focus areas that your MSP must have beyond tradition break/fix IT support to ensure the success of your organization: 

1. Your IT Partner has Security Top of Mind 

Almost all organizations at one time or another face a cybersecurity threat, and your business (and your IT partner) must be equipped to handle it. According to a study done by Maricopa SBDC, “62% of SMBs lack the in-house skills to handle cyber security measures.” When choosing an IT company, it is important to choose one with security in mind. Security is arguably one of the most important aspects of a successful organization, and ensures your business is protected by reducing the risk of security breaches, downtime, and loss of revenue. Your IT partner should not only provide break/fix IT solutions, but also be able to provide security focused IT help and support  

CompuData is SOC II certified as well as a certified RPO with a team of security experts and CMMC Certified Practitioners . We are a well-versed IT Company Near Philadelphia with security in mind who can provide a full technology solution, so you do not have to outsource your security needs.

2. Advanced Technical Knowledge Beyond Standard IT Help and Support

The first thing many organizations think about when hiring an IT partner is the technical support they provide. It is the backbone, and main aspect of an MSP and many organizations consider it one of the most important factors. When working with an IT company, many can handle basic break/fix problems, but what about the advanced technical problems? Advanced IT issues should be rare but can cause downtime for your operations, resulting revenue loss if not resolved quickly. Your IT partner should have advanced technical knowledge and provide support staff that are trained in the highest level of support in the three-tiered technical support model. 

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3. Your MSP Takes a Strategic Approach 

Being proactive with IT is another critical item to consider for any organization. In order to have a fully functioning technology solution implemented within your IT infrastructure, being proactive can determine the success and security of your operations. Your IT partner should be taking a strategic approach by proactively monitoring, detecting, and solving. You also want to look for an IT company that provides a complete technology solution and aims help your organization meet its goals. An IT partner that offers vCIO services go beyond the basics and provide IT strategy and planning. Your organization needs an IT partner who will take a strategic approach to help reach your technology goals and assist with technology decisions that will compliment your current IT infrastructure. 

An MSP can be a positive change within your technology department but finding an IT partner who can do more for your organization is essential. Instead of the basic IT help and support that all MSPs can provide, your organization should look for someone who can offer you a complete technology solution.  

CompuData is an IT company near Philadelphia that has multiple trained IT consultants ready to help your organization succeed. 86% of our support staff are the highest level of support in a three-tiered technical support model responsible for handling the most difficult or advanced problems. To learn more about our MSP and vCIO services as well as how we can help you develop an IT strategy to fulfill your IT business needsvisit here.   

If you are interested in learning how CompuData’s MSP services can help your organization continue to grow and be successful, please email us.  

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Author: Madison Liloia

Madison is a marketing professional who recently graduated from the Fox School of Business at Temple University. She joined Compudata in 2020 as the Marketing Coordinator, working directly with all departments of the company. She considers herself a lifelong learner and is passionate about helping others. Her background includes experience in technology and software solutions, mainly in the product marketing and communications field. She is a South Jersey native but now lives in Philadelphia and enjoys exploring the city, her favorite restaurant being Barcelona Wine Bar in East Passyunk.