As nonprofit leaders find themselves struggling to increase productivity with little or no meaningful view into their real-time financial metrics in their current financial management software, it can be difficult to know how to address the situation. Numerous nonprofits reach a point where manual, time-consuming tasks deplete productivity and halt growth. When examining these challenges within the nonprofit sector, many could benefit from nonprofit financial management software. A modern cloud accounting system can automate and streamline core financials, taking away the burden of cumbersome manual procedures; allowing you to focus on your mission.  Gain visibility into your core financials with grant tracking and billing, while being able to collaborate throughout the entire organization, and within multiple entities. Below find the three key features of Sage Intacct nonprofit financial management software that can benefit your organization:

Collaborate Throughout All Entities

Do you struggle with communication throughout multiple entities? Although each entity may have a different focus within the organization, they all have a shared chart of accounts. Sage Intacct Nonprofit financial management software simplifies collaboration throughout the entire organization. Within the Sage Intacct platform you will find a tool called the Collaboration Center. This allows any user within the organization to communicate directly with any other user based on financial data within Sage Intacct. Discuss real-time financial metrics and collaborate between entities seamlessly, making clear communication easy and eliminates vague emailing back and forth.  Collaborate conversations can be tracked to specific transactions and remain part of the transaction history.

Gain Visibility into Real-Time Financial Metrics

A lack of updated financial data can halt productivity and stunt growth, leaving nonprofit executives scrambling for information. Sage Intacct provides real-time financial metrics for all financial data throughout the organization. The dashboard functionality includes built-in role-based dashboards depending on your title and which information you need to access. Financial and operational information is available throughout all entities, organized into one system, with real-time updates. Dashboards allow you to organize data in sections through easy-to-understand metrics which are customizable based on the data you need to analyze. This provides enhanced visibility into your organization’s chart of accounts eliminating outdated and confusing spreadsheet charts and graphs.

Easily Automate Grant Tracking and Billing

As many nonprofits rely on grants for much of their funding and/or manage several grants within the organization, it is vital they are tracked and reported properly. However, doing this manually can be extremely time-consuming and error prone. Sage Intacct grant tracking and billing eliminates the hardship of this task and provides a secure and centralized location for all grant documents and information. Tag revenue and expenses to a specific grant, identify grant fund restriction, and provide concise reporting on grant spend.  This allows for easy viewing, tracking, and reporting for anyone within the organization. The comprehensive view allows employees to search and analyze these financials to see organizational impact they had therefore allowing them to make informed decisions in the future.

An outdated accounting system can hurt your nonprofit more than you may think and many are error prone and cumbersome. Sage Intacct nonprofit financial management software can bring your nonprofit to the next level and eliminate manual tasks while bringing you real-time financial metrics like grant tracking and billing to increase productivity and support your mission.

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Author: Madison Liloia

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