IT costs are an expensive piece of any organization’s budget. With the steep rise in inflation, there is no better time for businesses to evaluate their IT spending and identify any areas for potential cost savings. By assessing your environment for ways to optimize IT costs, your organization can stay competitive going into the new year. Below discusses 3 ways to help prioritize IT cost optimization and savings in 2023:  

1. Leverage Flexibility in the Cloud  

According to Zippia, 82% of small and medium businesses report reduced costs after adopting cloud technology. If your business is growing, purchasing new hardware can be expensive and inconvenient. Rather than buying or upgrading physical equipment, moving to the cloud provides the flexibility that physical servers do not have, requiring less effort to maintain and a lower cost of entry. Cloud solutions are more scalable and versatile, reducing future expenses if your business requirements change. Operating in the cloud will also provide more efficient operations and increased productivity with data access available anytime from anywhere for users. 

2. Consolidate IT Vendors  

If your company has recently grown through acquisition, or you have multiple office locations to manage, you are most likely utilizing multiple IT vendors and spending more than needed to properly manage your environment. By consolidating your IT needs into one vendor, your business can save a large amount of money and see a better return on investment after eliminating the duplicate spend. Along with the cost effectiveness of unifying under one management umbrella, it will also benefit users being in the same setup. When everyone is managed the same way, it becomes easier for users to operate with seamless communication in one secured environment.   

3. Examine Commitments with your Software Vendors 

Many software vendors will offer large discounts if you agree to a longer commitment. With inflation on the rise, there is a risk that your rates may increase over the next 12-24 months, so if you lock them in now you can potentially receive a lower rate. If your business is dependent on a software with no plans to move away from, it may benefit you to approach your vendor about committing to a longer term to get cost savings. 

A trusted IT provider should not only bring functionality into your business, but they should also help identify cost-saving opportunities. CompuData has a lengthy history of assisting organizations with complex IT needs, helping to unify their IT infrastructure and save on monthly expenses. CompuData can provide a look into your environment and identify these types of cost savings opportunities to help your business optimize IT spending going into the new year. 

If you would like to learn more about how CompuData can help evaluate your IT environment and provide multiple options for your business to improve user-experience and optimize costs, email us!  

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Author: Ed Guarrieri

As CBIZ CompuData’s Chief Operating Officer, Ed is always on the forefront of innovation in the technology industry and brings over 10 years of progressive technology leadership experience to CBIZ CompuData. His career began in technical engineering where he consulted with customers to build cloud transition roadmaps for their IT Infrastructure. Motivated and passionate about new technologies, Ed leveraged his robust experience with large datasets and security compliance knowledge to scale CBIZ CompuData’s cloud business.