As hybrid work continues to become the norm for today’s businesses, many organizations have been migrating to the cloud to create a more scalable and flexible solution. Ensuring your organization chooses the proper cloud environment to meet your goals is extremely important. Microsoft Azure Cloud offers a complete set of services to help organizations accelerate their initiatives and easily take advantage of new technology. Below we will discuss 4 key benefits of Microsoft Azure Cloud Hosting for your ERP and accounting software: 

1. Microsoft Azure Cloud Hosting Provides Flexibility on Billing 

Microsoft Azure Cloud Hosting is one of the most cost-effective cloud hosting solutions available. They use a “pay-as-you-go” model, meaning you are only charged for how much you are using the Azure Cloud environment. This model means you are paying for exactly what you use, no more. This can be particularly beneficial for small and midsized businesses, because the solution will grow as the business needs increase. This means that if you are not using your Microsoft Azure Cloud hosting as much as larger organizations, you do not have to pay those large prices either. 

 2. Increase Control of Your Data with Microsoft Azure Cloud 

Data ownership is one of the most important topics of cloud hosting. Because the Azure Cloud environment is a public cloud hosting option, your organization is not tied to a specific provider and you can easily move your data wherever you want, whenever you want. You are in control of where your data goes and the Microsoft Azure cloud partner whom helps you manage it. 

 3. Maximize your Existing Spend with Microsoft 

Many organizations are already using at least one Microsoft product in their everyday business, the most common being the Microsoft 365 stack, which includes Microsoft Office Suite products.  One of the benefits of choosing Microsoft Azure Cloud Hosting for your organization is that you are able to utilize many of the existing licensing and infrastructure that you use in Microsoft 365. You can tie this into your ERP and accounting software system and create a cost-effective cloud solution based on something you are already utilizing within your organization.  

 4. More Options on Where Your ERP and Accounting Software or Data Resides 

The Azure Cloud Environment is a global cloud infrastructure with over 60+ announced regions, which is the most of any cloud provider. With this in mind, your organization never has to worry about not having data centers and regions in the right area for you and your customers. Your organization will never be held back from expanding and growing, all while being confident that you and your customers will be supported from any location.  

When deciding on a cloud option for your organization, the benefits of choosing Microsoft Azure Cloud Hosting for your ERP and accounting software are not something to overlook. The Azure cloud environment has a lot of advantages, benefits and flexibility to ensure your organization is not being held back.  

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Author: Madison Liloia

Madison is a marketing professional who recently graduated from the Fox School of Business at Temple University. She joined Compudata in 2020 as the Marketing Coordinator, working directly with all departments of the company. She considers herself a lifelong learner and is passionate about helping others. Her background includes experience in technology and software solutions, mainly in the product marketing and communications field. She is a South Jersey native but now lives in Philadelphia and enjoys exploring the city, her favorite restaurant being Barcelona Wine Bar in East Passyunk.