Whether you have already migrated your Sage application to the cloud or are evaluating cloud options for your on-premise servers, does your current solution meet your business needs and expectations? Do you have a custom-built solution designed for your organization’s security and uptime requirements, while also remaining within your budget? Not all business needs are equal, it is important to understand the right questions to ask to make the best decision for your organization. Below are essential questions to consider when evaluating your current Sage deployment: 

1. What are your uptime requirements? 

Every IT environment is different, and service requirements vary according to business needs. The right solution for your organization will meet your uptime requirements while also maintaining within your budget. Different cloud providers offer different uptime percentages in their Service Level Agreements (SLA). For example, consider a service provider who offers 99% uptime in their SLA. While this might sound positive, this means there is potential for 3 days of downtime per year as part of the agreement. Whereas a 99.99% uptime percentage allows for only 52 minutes of potential downtime a year per agreement. You need to determine what is acceptable for your business, calculate your uptime requirements here. Working with the right Sage cloud partner who provides proper redundancies to meet your uptime requirements will help ensure your Sage application operates efficiently.  

2. Do you have security requirements?

According to a 2022 Cloud Security Report, 75% of organizations point to cloud security issues as a top concern. Each industry faces different threats, customer requirements and compliance regulations. Whether your security requirements are industry related or customer driven, security should be a top criteria when evaluating your solution and provider. Lack of security can result in greater costs from cybersecurity insurance premiums and put your business at risk. By partnering with a cloud provider who prioritizes security and understands your industry requirements, you can ensure compliance through constant support and security monitoring from experts.  

3. Have you considered what your annual IT budget should be?

When evaluating your annual IT spend, consider what is most important to your business. The right solution will take into account your budget, while also meeting your resiliency and security requirements. An inadequate solution or provider can cost you more money in the future- with extra and unpredictable costs from licensing, backup and security. If you are not satisfied with your current solution and fluctuating costs, it might be time to consider a new solution that better suits your business. A new solution does not equal new spend, but a shift in investments to offset costs.  

4. Does your provider have industry knowledge and experience with your application?

When deciding on a Sage cloud hosting provider, you want to make sure they have the application knowledge and expertise to ensure the system is designed properly. Your cloud hosting provider should have certified Sage consultants and developers on staff to be able to manage your cloud, perform upgrades and make necessary changes to the environment to meet your specific needs. As you select your provider, ask the key questions around security, Sage application expertise and cloud hosting experience to identify the best fit for your organization. 

With over 5,000 users in the cloud, certified Sage consultants and developers on staff, and 24/7/365 managed cloud support – CompuData is an expert in Sage cloud hosting. CompuData is a Sage Strategic Cloud Hosting Provider that was vetted and verified by Sage to ensure that our cloud hosting solutions meet their requirements for performance, reliability, security and cost effectiveness. CompuData is a trusted Sage Diamond Partner, Microsoft Gold Partner and a SOC II Certified organization 

It’s important to understand that not all business needs are the same. The right solution and provider will meet your security and uptime requirements while also remaining within your budget. When evaluating cloud options, keep in mind a customizable solution built specifically for your organization will help improve business goals and support your growing organization.  

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Author: Taylor Carter

Taylor is the Marketing Manager at CBIZ CompuData. She graduated from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville with her degree in public relations and a minor in business administration. Taylor has a passion for writing and helping others share their story.