Construction companies face a unique set of challenges in order to ensure effective financial management, which is why it’s important to find an accounting solution that can support your specific needs and scale as your business grows. QuickBooks standard solution lacks the capabilities to support the complex environment of employees, contractors, subcontractors, material vendors, and more that come with managing your construction company. Sage Intacct Construction allows you to achieve real-time visibility and insights into all aspects of your business with a cloud accounting platform built specifically for construction. Below discusses the 5 reasons why construction businesses like you are migrating from QuickBooks to Sage Intacct: 

A Customizable Platform  

QuickBooks one-size-fits all platform can impede your organization’s growth trajectory. Every construction company has specific needs, making it essential to have a customizable financial platform that is tailored to your business. With Sage Intacct Construction, you have complete control to easily customize workflows, automation, data fields, invoices, report formats, and much more to meet your requirements. Sage Intacct understands that every business is different and has built a sophisticated, intuitive accounting solution to support your construction company.  

Seamlessly Scale as your Company Grow 

As your construction business grows, finding a financial management system that can scale with your business will ultimately save you money in the long run. While QuickBooks can support your basic accounting needs, the software does not have the capability to grow with you, creating a need to expand your staff and resources. Sage Intacct Construction platform has the features and functionality to seamlessly scale with your evolving business. The system is designed to do the heavy lifting for you and expand as needed, so you can focus on running your construction business.  

Improved Visibility & Collaboration  

Sage Intacct Construction provides every user with access full visibility into everything that’s processed in the system. With this level of visibility into your financial information, you can easily monitor and manage costs and productivity throughout the entire project life cycle. Your construction company can seamlessly receive payments and generate cleaner invoices in general. The software allows you to create and view real-time reports and dashboards, giving you complete visibility into your cash flow to make informed financial decisions. With Sage Intacct you can also improve collaboration throughout your entire business with the ability to effectively communicate to other users on specific transactions and distribute and track emailed document templates directly from the system.  This all helps to create faster communication that expedites processes. 

Increased Flexibility  

Sage Intacct Construction allows you to access your information anytime from anywhere. Unlike QuickBooks, Sage Intacct provides you with the flexibility to expand and bring on different users as needed. With Sage Intacct’s financial reports and Interactive Custom Report Writer (ICRW) you get the agility to quickly slice-and-dice the details that matter to improve business insights and day-to-day accounting operations. With flexible advanced functionality, your construction company can automate and streamline key finance and accounting processes.  

Advanced Native Integrations 

For construction companies, project management functions are essential for operating smoothly. Sage Intacct Construction is more than just an accounting software, it is specifically built to integrate with other best-in-class solutions that you need to run your business. The open API allows you to connect to existing or future systems, so you leverage key data from the field, payroll, budgeting, customer relationship management solutions, and others to track critical metrics, bridging the gap between accounting and operations. The native integrations eliminate manual tasks, improve overall efficiency, and help to enhance your user-experience.  

Construction companies have enough complex problems to worry about, keeping track of your accounting system should not be one of them. Basic platforms like QuickBooks do not have the capabilities to support your growing business. Sage Intacct for Construction is designed to help customers eliminate the stress of financial management and provide greater insights and efficiencies, letting you focus on what matters most- growing your business.  

The CompuData Difference – Choosing the Right Sage Intacct Construction Partner 

CompuData is a leading Sage Diamond Partner with over 30 years’ experience migrating and implementing Sage solutions. Our team of certified Sage Intacct Construction consultants have the expertise, resources, and methodology needed to support you. CompuData was recognized by Sage Intacct as a top performing Sage Intacct partner in 2022 for our success in helping our clients leverage the power of Sage Intacct to improve their business. 

If you would like to learn more about Sage Intacct Construction and how your business can benefit, watch the product demo!  

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Author: Kayla Hall

Kayla Hall is the Sage Intacct Practice Director at CompuData. She has over 4 years of experience managing and implementing Sage Intacct, and over 7 years in accounting and finance where she has gained insight on analyzing internal processes, developing efficiencies and automating workflows.