Navigating the intricate landscape of construction projects involves managing numerous variables, from scheduling and resource allocation to budgeting and reporting. In such a dynamic environment, the need for a comprehensive solution that seamlessly integrates various processes while providing real-time insights Is crucial. 

Sage Intacct recognizes these challenges and offers a variety of third-party construction solutions tailored to meet your company’s specific requirements, providing a single source of truth for construction businesses. These solutions facilitate seamless integration and provide instant access to real-time data, effectively eliminating manual processes and duplicative efforts. 

In this blog, we’ll explore key solutions that stand out for their significant benefits to construction clients today. 

Sage Construction Management: Bridging the Gap Between Finance and Operations  

Sage Construction Management and Sage Intacct work together to automate every aspect of estimating, project management, job costing, and corporate accounting functions. This integrated system provides comprehensive insights into all aspects of a construction company’s activities, covering preconstruction, project management, job cost control, and scheduling. 

Key benefits include: 

  • Easily manage your leads and estimates from anywhere. 
  • Save time by handling the entire bid process all in one place. 
  • Improve profitability with project management and collaboration tools.  
  • Access robust functionality at a reasonable cost with a vendor you can trust. 

Contractors can seamlessly integrate Sage Construction Management with Sage Intacct using the AccountingLink connection. This enables the synchronization of contracts, project data, commitments, actual costs, changes, and client invoices. Additionally, payment details from AP and AR related transactions can be sent back to Sage Construction Management, enhancing coordination across the board. 

Sage Field Operations: Empowering Field Teams with Real-Time Data

Integrated with Sage Intacct accounting and customer data, Sage Field Operations offers service-providing companies a superior tool to manage the work order lifecycle. Utilizing Sage Field Operations and Sage Intacct together enables you to deliver excellent customer service, improve client retention, and win new business opportunities. It allows office staff to gain access to real-time data, facilitating seamless scheduling and collaboration with field staff to manage service assignments using the critical information onsite. By leveraging Sage Field Operations and Sage Intacct together, you establish a unified source of truth. 

Key benefits include: 

  • Streamline service operations and reduce time to invoice by accurately and efficiently tracking time, billing amounts, materials, and more from multiple locations—from the office to on-site. 
  • Integrate workflows and crucial data such as invoices, purchase orders, accounts receivable customers, and inventory into Sage Intacct. 
  • Optimize real-time office-to-field communication by documenting equipment repairs, capturing hours, and generating purchase orders and invoices directly within Sage Intacct. 
  • Elevate new business opportunities onsite by creating, tracking, and following up with quotes instantly. 
  • Reduce paperwork and administrative overhead by eliminating duplicate data entry and minimizing errors caused by misreading technician and field supervisor notes.    

ADP Workforce Now: An all-in-one Human Capital Management Solution Built for Construction 

ADP Workforce Now for Construction empowers construction businesses to efficiently handle HR and payroll tasks, ensuring compliance and fostering workforce development—all from a single integrated platform with Sage Intacct. By combining financial management and HCM capabilities, this integration simplifies payroll management for construction companies, improves accuracy, and enhances overall efficiency in financial operations. With Sage Intacct Construction and ADP working together seamlessly, you can focus on delivering exceptional projects on time and within budget. 

Key benefits include: 

  • Leverage efficient payroll processing with ADP’s comprehensive suite of features, from wage calculations to robust support for 1099 contractors. Integrating ADP Workforce Now with Sage Intacct Construction streamlines payroll tasks, saving time and effort. 
  • Capture employee hours accurately with multi-job site time-tracking capabilities. This feature ensures that payroll data is precise and reliable, helping you maintain accurate records and make informed decisions. 
  • Navigate regulatory compliance with ease using ADP’s powerful tools. Manage prevailing wages, certified payroll reporting, and union obligations for contract wages and benefits effectively, reducing complexity and ensuring adherence to regulations. 
  • Simplify workforce management with powerful HR tools, handling recruitment, benefits, training, and performance. From hiring to compliance reporting, this integration effortlessly navigates HR complexities. Empower your employees with self-service features for efficient HR requests, enabling them to access pay, schedules, benefits, and more.  

ADP Workforce Now: An all-in-one Human Capital Management Solution Built for Construction 

While Sage Intacct Construction’s advanced integrations already provide substantial benefits, partnering with a trusted advisor like CBIZ CompuData enhances your company’s ability to fully leverage these tools. With a deep understanding of the construction industry, we are committed to crafting solutions tailored to your unique needs and objectives. 

CBIZ CompuData is a leading Sage Diamond Partner with over 30 years’ experience migrating and implementing Sage solutions. Our team of certified Sage Intacct Construction consultants have the expertise, resources, and methodology needed to support you. 

To learn more about how your construction company can benefit from operating within a single, integrated platform, email us. 

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Author: Kayla Hall

Kayla Hall is the Sage Intacct Practice Director at CBIZ CompuData. She has over 4 years of experience managing and implementing Sage Intacct, and over 7 years in accounting and finance where she has gained insight on analyzing internal processes, developing efficiencies and automating workflows.