Organizations are more vulnerable than ever to cybersecurity attacks. According to a Cyberwarfare Special Report, cybercrime is forecasted to cost the global economy $10.5 trillion by 2025, reflecting a 15% increase year on year. Prioritizing the importance of data security is essential for your organization, and one of the best ways to prevent harmful cyber-attacks is to implement a multi-layered security strategy. Layered security incorporates numerous security solutions that all proactively work together to protect your organization’s IT environment. Working with a Managed Service Provider (MSP) who focuses on security and provides advanced data security solutions; will help ensure your organization does not fall victim to cyber-attacks. Below we will discuss several types of data security tools your MSP can utilize to create a successful multi-layered security strategy: 

Advanced Data Security with Next Generation Antivirus EDR 

In 2021, one of the largest insurance companies in the United States, CNA Financial Corp, was hit with a sophisticated cyberattack that caused severe network disruptions. The malware attack encrypted data on over 15,000 machines on CNA’s public and private networks (Source: 

A proactive layered security strategy will help reduce the risk of an attack like this occurring to your organization. Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) is an advanced, behavioral based antivirus software that uses profiling to track any suspicious behavior and finds the root of the issue to prevent any further attacks. EDR security protects endpoints from being breached whether they are physical or virtual, on- or off-premises, in data centers or in the cloud. An MSP with a security focus can incorporate types of data security tools like EDR to help mitigate the risks presented by malware and other harmful viruses.  

Email Security Through Proactive Spam Filtering 

According to a White House press release, in February 2022 Russian hackers gained access to more than 100 computers of current or former employees of 21 major natural gas suppliers and exporters. Additionally, the Federal Bureau of Investigation expects the volume and methods of attacks to increase. 

Many hacking attempts like this begin with targeting employees through email, so incorporating email scanning and filtering is an essential component of multi-layered security. An MSP can implement an intelligent filtering system to scan emails for spam and help protect data from any potential risks. Proactive filtering provides an integrated level to your organization’s layered security plan with cybersecurity experts monitoring and supporting your networks 24/7.  

Importance of Data Security and Employee Awareness Training  

One of the most effective ways to increase data security and protect your organization against harmful threats is end-user cybersecurity training. According to Cisco’s 2021 Cybersecurity Threat Trends Report, at least one person clicked a phishing link in around 86% of organizations and phishing accounts for around 90% of data breaches. Human error is the biggest risk to any company’s information security, making your team and end-users the first defense against an attack. Your MSP can provide various training sessions for your employees to teach cybersecurity awareness. Educating your employees on how to detect potential threats will help protect your organization against real world attacks.  

While no organization can be 100% protected from cyber-attacks, partnering with an MSP that incorporates a multi-layered security strategy can help significantly reduce the risks. The importance of data security in today’s changing threat landscape is essential for your company’s success. Through various types of data security and help from experts, your organization can stay safe and focus on long-term goals.  

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Author: Taylor Carter

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