Founded in 1968, Rampmaster is a leading manufacturer of aircraft refueling solutions, known in both the commercial and general aviation markets for their technical innovation, quality production standards, and superior customer service. They continue to drive industry progress through continuous reinvestment in capital, innovative thinking, thought leadership, and an unwavering dedication to craftsmanship.

Rampmaster’s journey with CBIZ CompuData began due to dissatisfaction with their previous Sage 100 partner and the need to tackle IT support challenges within their infrastructure. Dealing with server management issues, backup failures, and limited internal resources, Rampmaster sought a more stable environment to ensure efficient operations. Their heavy reliance on on-premises systems resulted in accessibility challenges across facilities, including power and connectivity issues, highlighting the need for centralized access solutions.

Additionally, Rampmaster encountered typical challenges associated with outdated infrastructure. While functional, their existing setup lacked the scalability needed for the long term and presented obstacles during Sage 100 upgrades.

With their infrastructure aging and cloud technology emerging as a viable solution, Rampmaster faced the task of transitioning to the cloud to modernize their systems and support future growth goals.

To address Rampmaster’s challenges, CBIZ CompuData’s services expanded beyond infrastructure support to offer a broader range of solutions. Initially, CBIZ CompuData focused on server monitoring and management, resolving issues such as server room setup, backup failures, and aging hardware. This foundational support laid the groundwork for further enhancements.

Recognizing the critical role of a robust network infrastructure, the CBIZ CompuData team upgraded Rampmaster’s network stack across multiple facilities. This involved replacing outdated equipment and helping transition to new internet service providers (ISP), significantly enhancing data backup reliability and providing an excellent foundation for future initiatives.

CBIZ CompuData worked closely with Rampmaster to develop a comprehensive cloud migration strategy. This involved transitioning their Sage solution to the cloud, using platforms like Microsoft Azure for improved scalability and accessibility. CBIZ CompuData also provides ongoing support for Rampmaster’s Sage 100, encompassing upgrades, maintenance, and troubleshooting.

In addition, CBIZ CompuData’s services incorporate antivirus solutions and network security measures to ensure the security and protection of RampMaster’s endpoints. CBIZ CompuData’s consultative approach offers dedicated Virtual Chief Information Officer (vCIO) services. This involves strategic planning, identifying key areas for improvement, and aligning IT initiatives with RampMaster’s business objectives.

Thanks to a well-defined transition plan and scalable infrastructure, day-to-day IT management gradually shifted to CBIZ CompuData, allowing Rampmaster’s leadership to focus on strategic initiatives and business growth. CBIZ CompuData’s comprehensive suite of services, strategic guidance, and proactive approach have empowered Rampmaster to modernize their IT infrastructure, streamline operations, and achieve long-term success in an increasingly competitive landscape.

Here’s a closer look at the benefits they’ve experienced:

  • Smoother Sage Upgrades in the Cloud: Transitioning Sage operations to the cloud has significantly simplified the process of upgrading Sage software, enhancing efficiency and minimizing disruptions to Rampmaster’s operations. This has enabled them to seamlessly implement additional modules for manufacturing.
  • Strengthened Network Infrastructure: Rampmaster’s network infrastructure received significant enhancements, including the implementation of fiber connections to high-traffic locations, ensuring robust connectivity and supporting the growing demands of cloud-based operations.
  • Enhanced Stability and Reliability: CBIZ CompuData’s services significantly improved Rampmaster’s infrastructure stability and reliability, particularly within Sage operations, establishing a solid foundation for daily activities. With robust network capabilities and Sage 100 now hosted in the cloud, Rampmaster ensures uninterrupted access to crucial systems and data, reducing risks associated with legacy setups. This enhancement extends to data backup reliability and software upgrades, bolstering the environment’s stability. Additionally, the scalable cloud infrastructure enables Rampmaster to swiftly adapt to evolving business requirements.
  • Improved Security Measures: Rampmaster experienced enhanced security measures, with better front-end security solutions effectively mitigating potential threats. The CBIZ CompuData team implemented network monitoring, antivirus security solutions for their workstations, and email security solutions. Employees are now more vigilant, seeking advice on potentially suspicious emails, reflecting a proactive shift in security awareness.
  • Transition from Reactive to Proactive Support: The partnership with CBIZ CompuData has facilitated a transition from reactive IT support to a proactive approach, where issues are addressed swiftly and efficiently, contributing to enhanced operational resilience and reduced downtime.

Executive Summary

  • Rampmaster has consistently delivered groundbreaking product advancements that benefit customers’ airport operations through longer refueler life cycles, significant fuel and maintenance savings, lower EPA emissions and more.
  • Their commitment to technical advancement serves the entire aviation industry, ensuring dependable and proven solutions for both global and local operations.
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