Founded in 1975, Visit Anchorage, formerly known as the Anchorage Convention and Visitors Bureau, is the official destination marketing organization (DMO) representing the vibrant communities of Anchorage, Girdwood, Eagle River, Eklutna, Indian, Birchwood, Chugiak, and Portage. As a pivotal entity in the tourism industry, Visit Anchorage plays a crucial role in driving economic prosperity, cultural enrichment, and social value for residents, businesses, and visitors through tourism.

Visit Anchorage encountered several challenges with their prior ERP solution, Microsoft Great Plains. The system had an approaching end-of-life date, expiring by 2025, which mandated the search for a new accounting system.

A major limitation of Microsoft Great Plains was its requirement for local hosting. This constraint hindered Visit Anchorage’s efforts to digitize their operations fully and support remote work. As the organization aimed to modernize its infrastructure and facilitate remote collaboration, the need for a cloud-based solution became increasingly apparent.

Additionally, Visit Anchorage sought a unified solution to consolidate their diverse range of processes. Their existing setup involved different systems for storage, processing, and approval, leading to inefficiencies and complications in managing financial operations. The reliance on manual processes and lack of integration between systems also posed challenges in maintaining data accuracy, consistency, and accessibility. Streamlining these processes into a single system became essential for Visit Anchorage to enhance operational efficiency.

After evaluating several ERP solutions, Visit Anchorage identified Sage Intacct as the ideal platform to efficiently address their challenges. Sage Intacct’s capability to store attachments directly with transactions and maintain an audit trail provided a centralized and organized system, eliminating the need for scattered journal entries. Additionally, Sage Intacct’s advanced dashboards allowed real-time access to transaction data, replacing the cumbersome reporting process of their previous system.

Visit Anchorage’s selection process for an implementation partner led them to CBIZ CompuData. Despite evaluating various different options, CBIZ CompuData stood out as the provider capable of accommodating an accelerated timeline while offering comprehensive support throughout the transition. With CBIZ CompuData’s expertise and support, Visit Anchorage achieved a smooth and seamless transition from Microsoft Great Plains to Sage Intacct. This seamless transition enabled Visit Anchorage to swiftly adapt to a cloud-based solution and continue their day-to-day activities without interruption.

Since implementing Sage Intacct, Visit Anchorage has witnessed significant enhancements across their operations. The platform offers a unified solution, consolidating diverse processes into a single, efficient system, eliminating the need for multiple systems and complex processes. With CBIZ CompuData’s guidance at every stage, Visit Anchorage has successfully digitized their operations, gaining greater cohesion and control over financial management processes. This transformation has empowered them to maintain competitiveness in the evolving destination marketing landscape.

Explore some of the key benefits that Visit Anchorage has experienced with Sage Intacct:

  • Advanced Integration Capabilities: Integrating Sage Intacct with ADP has provided Visit Anchorage with significant advantages, particularly in terms of employee access and payroll processing. Employees can now effortlessly view pay stubs, make W4 changes, and request leaves directly from their individual systems. This streamlined process reduces manual labor, saving time for the HR manager and improving overall efficiency.
  • Improved Visibility and Reporting: The transition to Sage Intacct has markedly improved reporting and visibility for Visit Anchorage. Unlike their previous system, which required accessing reports on local machines, Intacct’s browser-based interface allows remote team members to access real-time information effortlessly. The advanced dashboards provide Visit Anchorage’s leadership team with real-time insights into transactions and financial data. This enhanced visibility has led to more accurate reporting processes and better decision-making, as leaders can now track transactions and budgets on a day-to-day basis.
  • Enhanced Processes: The implementation of Sage Intacct has streamlined and improved processes for Visit Anchorage’s accounting team. During the implementation phase, CBIZ CompuData worked closely with Visit Anchorage to develop processes that enhanced day-to-day efficiency and speed. This shift from merely making the existing system work to building tailored processes has allowed Visit Anchorage to move beyond survival mode in their accounting practices. Now, they can focus on adding value to the company and providing greater visibility to leadership and the board. This newfound agility has been particularly beneficial in the dynamic and unpredictable travel industry, allowing them to navigate uncertainties with enhanced day-to-day visibility and future planning capabilities.

Executive Summary

  • With a focus on economic, social, and environmental goals, Visit Anchorage strives to increase total annual revenues and profitability from tourism while optimizing visitor experiences and promoting sustainability.
  • By attracting tourists throughout the year, Visit Anchorage facilitates year-round employment opportunities, generates revenue for local businesses, and sustains the operation of essential amenities and services.
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