Cloud is one of the largest growing tech solutions with almost 94% of businesses already using some form of cloud computing within their organization (Hosting Tribunal) . Although the cloud has become increasingly popular in the last few years, the steps when moving to a cloud infrastructure can still seem like a daunting task. Many organizations within the small and midsize businesses (SMBs) do not have the internal IT expertise for cloud implementation and management. Many organizations work with an MSP for general IT and help desk support, but when considering cloud platform management, they do not have an IT service and cloud provider. This then makes organizations ponder the question: Does my IT provider have a path to cloud?

Moving to a cloud infrastructure can be confusing for any SMB and searching for a third-party provider for cloud implementation and management can be challenging. Ask your current IT provider how many years of experience they have managing cloud environments and if they are able to provide cloud services for your organization in addition to IT support. Below we will discuss three ways your IT service and cloud provider can help your organization with cloud platform management and support:

1. Help Make Informed Decisions about Moving to a Cloud Infrastructure

The first step in moving to a cloud infrastructure is deciding which cloud deployment model will be the most suitable for your organization. Your organization can choose from public, private, and hybrid cloud environments. Your IT service and cloud provider should have the expertise to help you understand the different cloud deployment options and walk you through how they would best serve your organization. As well as be able to implement, support, monitor, and maximize your spend within the cloud.

2. Support Cloud Implementation 

Cloud implementation can be one of the most intimidating parts of moving to a cloud infrastructure because it can take a large amount of IT knowledge. However, choosing the right IT service and cloud provider, they will be able to efficiently manage every aspect of the implementation. All your organization’s data is being placed in the cloud, so it is vital that someone with the knowledge and expertise handle the data migration. When working with an IT provider who has a path to cloud, they work with your IT department or end users to familiarize themselves with how your data is stored and managed today. This eliminates the hardship of trusting your company’s most important asset to someone unfamiliar with it.

3. Cloud Platform Management and Services

Once your cloud environment is deployed, it is important to proactively manage it. Work with an IT service and cloud provider that is able to handle all aspects of cloud platform management to ensure your cloud infrastructure is always running securely. This includes general updates, maintenance, training, reporting and more so you can  always have access to your organization’s data. Deciding on the right IT provider should also include cloud security measures such as automatic data backups, data replication, and disaster recovery to ensure your organization is functioning with real-time data and protected from vulnerabilities.

When deciding to move your organization to a cloud environment the steps to a successful cloud solution can seem overwhelming. However, if your IT provider has a path to cloud, they can provide the support you need.

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Author: Madison Liloia

Madison is a marketing professional who recently graduated from the Fox School of Business at Temple University. She joined Compudata in 2020 as the Marketing Coordinator, working directly with all departments of the company. She considers herself a lifelong learner and is passionate about helping others. Her background includes experience in technology and software solutions, mainly in the product marketing and communications field. She is a South Jersey native but now lives in Philadelphia and enjoys exploring the city, her favorite restaurant being Barcelona Wine Bar in East Passyunk.