Every organization should have a cybersecurity plan in place to protect against ransomware attacks and cybersecurity threats. Financial damage from cybercrime is expected to grow 15% and could exceed $10.5 trillion a year by 2025, according to Cybersecurity Ventures. Although you may think your organization is fully protected against these cyber threats, you may have some unknown weak spots in your cybersecurity plan. Below we will discuss common cybersecurity weak spots and IT security measures you can implement to eliminate these security gaps and secure your business further.

Using the Same Password on Every Site 

This is a common weak spot in many organizations because most employees have trouble remembering multiple passwords. It can get difficult to create and remember multiple long and complex passwords. However, this is a very dangerous practice because if one site is broken into and your password is exposed, then every password to every site is also exposed, giving cybercriminals access to your information.  

  • How to Eliminate this Cybersecurity Weak Spot: Invest in a trusted password manager. A password manager is a software application designed to store and manage online credentials. This can be particularly beneficial if you have a hard time remembering passwords or organizing site credentials. With the simple addition of a password manager, you can eliminate weak spots in your cybersecurity plan and ensure your passwords are secure.  

Only Relying on Passwords for Log-in Credentials 

Ensuring that your log-in credentials are diverse is a good first step in eliminating cybersecurity weak spots. However, additional measures may be needed to be fully protected. Only relying on passwords when logging in is dangerous because they can be easily guessed. Hackers are professional criminals and have tactics and tricks for guessing passwords and getting them right. One wall of protection is never enough in any scenario, why should it be enough when it involves company information?  

  • How to Eliminate this Cybersecurity Weak Spot: Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) is a way to add another layer of security to your network. MFA supplements the username and password model with other factors that only the user has access to. These independent factors can be anything from a security token on a mobile phone, locational information, fingerprint or FaceID, among others. This added solution can easily integrate with your existing technology and provide an additional layer of security to your business.  

Relying on Outdated Technology

Outdated technology can leave your organization vulnerable to a ransomware attack or cybersecurity threats. Not updating your business technologies regularly can increase cybersecurity vulnerabilities and make it easier for hackers to access your network. With technology continually advancing, it is also becoming harder for antivirus software to keep up, and it is no longer able to offer the same protection that it once did. Relying on an outdated IT security tool such as antivirus software can allow advanced cyber-attacks through your security wall.  

  • How to Eliminate this Cybersecurity Weak Spot: Implementing Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) as a replacement for antivirus software can offer a much more advanced cybersecurity solution. EDR constantly works to stop new attacks by using behavioral analysis to find the root of the cyber-attack before it can breach. Along with this, you should work with an IT security provider who offers regular system and security updates so your organization is never working with outdated programs.  

No Proper Cybersecurity Training for Employees

Employees are one of the biggest targets for cyber-attacks and can be the biggest security risk within an organization. Many times, employees have no prior security training and do not know when security risks arise. Often employees are targeted through email and one click can expose the entire business network to a ransomware attack.  

  • How to Eliminate this Cybersecurity Weak Spot: End User Security Training is a great way to help protect your company against real-world cyber-attacks.  Educating employees is one of the best ways to teach cybersecurity awareness and threats to look out for. By training employees like this, you are reducing the risk of exposing your organization to a cyber-attack. 

Having a cybersecurity plan is a great first step in leveling up the cybersecurity within your organization, however it does not stop there. It is important to constantly be checking for cybersecurity weak spots and understanding the best way to eliminate them. By partnering with an IT security provider who has experience, skills and expertise on how to properly eliminate these weak spots in your cybersecurity plan, you can have peace of mind that your organization is fully protected against ransomware attacks and cybersecurity threats. 

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Author: Madison Liloia

Madison is a marketing professional who recently graduated from the Fox School of Business at Temple University. She joined Compudata in 2020 as the Marketing Coordinator, working directly with all departments of the company. She considers herself a lifelong learner and is passionate about helping others. Her background includes experience in technology and software solutions, mainly in the product marketing and communications field. She is a South Jersey native but now lives in Philadelphia and enjoys exploring the city, her favorite restaurant being Barcelona Wine Bar in East Passyunk.