Many professional service organizations are in a constant stage of growth and development, and it is important to have financial accounting software that will grow with you. QuickBooks is a great choice as a basic accounting software for small organizations, but it is not built to support growth. Spreadsheet reporting and manual consolidations are error prone and time consuming which can hinder employee tasks and effectiveness. If the functionalities of QuickBooks have reached its limits, it may be time to move to a financial management beyond QuickBooks for professional services. Switching to cloud accounting software for professional services will give you more than basic accounting functionality, with improved visibility into financial and operational performance, and provide an automated accounting solution. Below we will discuss 3 features of Sage Intacct cloud accounting software that will enable your organization’s growth, and help your business discover financial management beyond QuickBooks.

Dimensional Reporting

Upgrade Reporting Capabilities

When using QuickBooks for professional services, your accounting department is forced to use spreadsheet reporting, which is error prone and time-consuming. Sage Intacct provides an automated accounting solution with financial dashboards that give you instant access to your fiscal data and the underlying source transactions. Financial activity is shown in real time by company or consolidated across firms in reports. Reporting is automated and happens in real-time, making it simple to analyze, share and organize business data throughout the entire company and to all departments.

“Sage Intacct real-time reporting gives immediate insights into our metrics and the dimension feature allows us to easily create reports by service line, product, and department.” –Maria Palumbo, Director of Finance and Administrative Services at Besler

Sage Intelligent Time

Automate and Simplify Timesheets

Timesheets can be one of the most tedious tasks for any accounting department, with many professionals who dread that time of the month. Not to mention, reconstructing the week’s activities for time entry often results in untimely, inaccurate, and incomplete timesheets. Sage Intelligent Time eliminates all these issues and uses the power of artificial intelligence (AI) to automate this process. Each employee can configure SIT to communicate with their calendar, Teams, etc., to “suggest” time entries based on their activities. Sage Intelligent Time can automatically alert your team of late or rejected time entry, and the Time Assistant helps drive timesheet accuracy by automatically recognizing errors and inconsistencies. This automated accounting solution ensures your organization’s time entry is always simple, fast and accurate.

Budgeting and Planning

Share Financial Data Across the Entire Organization

The Sage Intacct Budgeting and Planning module and accounting software for professional services makes it simple for everyone in the company to interact. Using the simple click of a button allows you to effortlessly share financial data across several departments with this cloud-based budgeting and planning solution. Sage Intacct saves your finance team time and eliminates the need for manual data manipulation while keeping your financial information in one place that can be accessed at any time. Department leaders can quickly and easily create, update, or view their budgets. Create and present budget plans, as well as store and view numerous scenarios, to guarantee you are making the best decision possible for your organization.

Financial management beyond QuickBooks for professional services is possible, and it is much easier than you think. It is important to not only work with a software implementor and partner who is familiar with cloud accounting systems, but who also has implementation experience and Sage experts to make the process seamless. Cloud accounting software for professional services will grow with your organization and help to eliminate time-consuming and tedious tasks to streamline your business processes.

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Author: Madison Liloia

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