BESLER, Inc is a consulting firm, headquartered in Princeton NJ, that combines best-in-class healthcare finance expertise with proprietary technology to help hospitals recover more revenue. They provide reimbursement and revenue integrity solutions which have delivered more than $4 billion of additional revenue to hundreds of hospitals across the United States. In 2016, BESLER began experiencing growing pains and felt their accounting and financial management system was not fulfilling their new needs to support their growth. At the time, BESLER was utilizing on-premise Sage 100 software, formally known as MAS 90.  While MAS/Sage was a great solution for BESLER’s basic accounting needs when they began using it, they now had greater reasons to move to the next level of cloud accounting software that would accommodate their growth.

Addressing the Need to move from Sage 100  

BESLER was using on-premise Sage 100 accounting software on their in-house server. This did not offer mobility or the ability to access their system from any device. Sage 100’s older database technology, made integrations difficult as it required custom programing. With customizations and upgrades it started to become expensive and was keeping BESLER on old versions which posed risks of business disruptions and periodic software and hardware upgrades – inhibiting productivity gains that by using new versions or moving to a cloud accounting software also known as a modern SaaS platform would support greater efficiencies.

BESLER had a need for project accounting and project management functions that just were not offered in Sage 100. Creating Project reports became increasingly difficult, time consuming and frustrating. They had to export two data files into Access and cobble together a report manually. 

A Cloud Accounting Software that Accommodates Growth

BESLER began realizing they were experiencing growing pains and reached out to CompuData to assist in the evaluation process where we recommended migrating to Sage Intacct. BESLER was now looking at Sage Intacct, SAP and NetSuite to determine the best cloud based financial management platform that would have:

  • Automatic Updates
  • Web-based Access
  • Reporting Features (previously used Crystal Reports)
  • Ability to Email 200 Monthly Invoices (rather than printing each to PDF and individually emailing)

With over 30 years as a Sage partner, our team of Sage Consultants and Developers were able to provide a solution to meet BESLER’s needs.  

  • Shift to an Accounting/ ERP software that would never require costly, disruptive hardware and software upgrades.
  • Alleviate strain on their IT team with built in security, virus protection, patches, upgrades, and disaster recovery.
  • Replace tedious and time-consuming manual data entry tasks through integrated workflows such as using front-end billing to generate invoices.
  • Support cost-effective integrations with other applications such as Salesforce, project management tracking, and other cloud-based solutions.
  • Consolidate financials across entities.

With CompuData providing details in functionality, industry knowledge supported by key integrations, and Sage system expertise, BESLER chose to migrate to Sage Intacct.

“If you know accounting, you can easily jump in and start using Sage Intacct. It’s that simple”.

– Maria Palumbo, Director of Finance and Administrative Services


Realizing the Benefits of Sage Intacct by Partnering with CompuData

CompuData not only helped with the decision to move to Sage Intacct, but we performed the implementation. CompuData took BESLER through our systematic Sage Intacct Implementation process to meet every requirement and incorporate all new entities.  BESLER quickly learned the new system and seamlessly migrated to Sage Intacct with limited downtime.

BESLER is now realizing many benefits of Sage Intacct such as:

  • Reduced data entry time with Integrated web-based time and expense entries.
  • Utilize dimensions to do ad hoc reporting easily and quickly.
  • Automated AR entries that post electronically into accounting from the “B Verified” system.
  • Automated alerts and reminders for actions and follow-ups in business process templates.
  • Multi-dimensional reporting replaces static chart of accounts and provides state of the art reporting, dashboards, ad hoc analysis without expensive, technical, and time-consuming report writing.
  • Automated web-based time and expense entry with flow through for project costing.
  • Electronic project expense workflow approvals for AP with approval follow up alerts.
  • Real time project reporting functions improved customer satisfaction because employees can monitor project progress and accountability.
  • Real time automated project profitability dashboards and reports (spanning multiple years), showing number of hours, employee costs, project costs from AP, budget to actual etc.

“Sage Intacct real-time reporting gives immediate insights into our metrics versus Sage 100. The project billing captures all billing components and then allows us to track costs per project effectively. Batch processing is outdated. The dimension feature allows us to easily create reports by service line, product, and department. The drill down features allows you to quickly go from a report directly to the source document, reducing the time and effort required when reviewing data.”

-Maria Palumbo, Director of Finance and Administrative Services at BESLER 


CompuData’s implementation of Sage Intacct has allowed BESLER to scale their organization with new growth milestones and implement new entities. Leveraging the many benefits of Sage Intacct over the past five years BESLER can now operate independently while keeping financials consolidated with other BESLER entities to provide a full financial view that helps their team make informed financial decisions.

CompuData is a proud partner of Sage Intacct and has helped our clients implement Sage products for over 30 years.​ Email us today to learn how Sage Intacct can benefit your organization.

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Author: Debbie Pfeiffer

Debbie is the Marketing Manager who brings 15 years of marketing experience, working across all departments of business. She joined CompuData in 2019 with extensive marketing and business communication experience in technology, manufacturing and professional service industries. Debbie positively approaches each day as a new opportunity.