When operating in the cloud, picking the right architecture can be the difference between a reliable technology stack and downtime-disaster. So, what is cloud architecture? Cloud architecture refers to the different technologies and software that interact to form your personalized cloud environment. Building a customizable and flexible architecture will deliver better results and enhance your cloud experience. With proper cloud management and the right provider, your organization can improve operations with enhanced security and reliability while also optimizing costs. Below discusses why cloud architecture matters and how you can improve cloud operations for your organization: 

How Cloud Architecture Can Improve Cloud Operations and Enhance User-Experience   

The right cloud solution for your organization and the right cloud provider can drastically improve your experience and maximize operational benefits. A customizable cloud environment that is built based on your organization’s needs will reduce downtime, optimize costs and improve security.  

  • Reduce Downtime: According to a TechRadar report, 48% of small and medium businesses said the per-hour cost of downtime for their business was between $20,001 and $50,000. The cloud should be architected to have built in redundancies that match the business uptime requirements. Improper architecture can lead to unexpected downtime and poor reliability. 

  • Optimize Costs: The cloud should be configured so you only pay for what you use. It should automatically adjust costs based on your current utilization and trends. As well as adjust quickly so your business does not experience any degraded performance or unnecessary IT spends.  
  • Improve Security: In a survey of 750 cloud decision-makers, 81% said cloud security was a top challenge. The cloud should be architected to meet your business’s security requirements. Whether that is compliance regulations, industry specific standards, or just general IT security practices. Tailored security ensures the system meets your business requirements, while eliminating wasteful spending for services you do not require.

Finding the Right Cloud Hosting Provider for your Organization 

When looking for a cloud hosting provider, it is essential to select a partner who has the proper expertise and tools to help implement a strategic cloud management plan for your growing organization. Your provider should put your needs first and build your cloud environment based on your business. 

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Author: Taylor Carter

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