Salesforce and Sage Intacct are staples within many growing businesses. Integrating Sage Intacct with Salesforce seamlessly combines the only cloud financial software preferred by the AICPA and the premier cloud CRM. The native integration helps your sales and finance team easily collaborate through a common view of up-to-date information.  Sage Intacct advanced CRM integration will increase visibility into your operations, enhance detailed accounting reports, and provide real-time updates on customer accounts. By connecting the two best-in-class platforms, you can improve efficiency and communication throughout your entire organization and deliver a better customer experience. Below discusses the key benefits of Sage Intacct Salesforce integration: 

Improve Efficiency and Collaboration 

Integrating Sage Intacct and Salesforce allows for seamless data flow and information exchange across your organization. The Sage Intacct Salesforce integration will increase visibility between your sales and finance departments and eliminate headaches caused by inaccurate data exchange and time-consuming inquiries. The sales team will have greater visibility into their customers, as well as the financial impact of their activities, helping to boost sales and productivity. The accounting department will have automatic updates on customer orders, payments, and billing information. The advanced CRM integration allows you to streamline your quote to cash process, improving overall operational efficiency. In addition, Salesforce chatter is available in Intacct, where your teams can quickly and easily communicate.  

Gain Deeper Insights with Real-time Data 

Sage Intacct advanced CRM integration provides you deeper insights into your business with real-time visibility for sales, revenue, and finance. The advanced dual reporting capabilities syncs data automatically, delivering nearly real-time updated information regarding new dimensions, departments, customers, and more. You can manage billing, revenue recognition, and receivables in Sage Intacct while using Salesforce to handle orders, contracts, projects, changes, and renewals. This common view of information allows everyone to access the same up-to-date data. With these deeper insights into your business, you can make more trusted and informed decisions for your customers.  

Advanced Native Integration 

Sage Intacct is created from the ground up to integrate with other premium solutions like Salesforce. Sage Intacct Advanced CRM Integration is a built-in feature of Salesforce, delivering a seamless and straightforward integration of the two platforms. This native integration creates a better user experience. Your organization can customize what information and modules you prefer to integrate, and it allows you to view this information in both systems from both sides. You can also customize user access on both platforms, giving you the flexibility to decide who can work within the systems.  With Sage Intacct Advanced CRM Integration, Salesforce users can be set up as “CRM” users without additional Sage Intacct user licenses.  Financial data such as invoices and payments are visible to Salesforce users for their opportunities.  CRM users do not have direct login access to Sage Intacct. 

 Partner with the Right Experience & Expertise  

The right partner can greatly enhance your Sage Intacct and Salesforce integration experience. Working with a partner who understands your organizational needs and has the proper experience and expertise to navigate the platform will help ensure that your integration is successful.  

CompuData is a leading Sage Partner for over 30 years and has Accounting and ERP Software certified consultants and developers that have the expertise, resources, and methodology needed to integrate your cloud accounting software and CRM system. CompuData will work collaboratively with you to build a seamless integration plan that is specific to your organization, allowing you to focus on core business needs. To learn more about our Sage Intacct expertise and how we can help your organization increase business performance, visit here.   

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Author: Taylor Carter

Taylor is the Marketing Manager at CBIZ CompuData. She graduated from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville with her degree in public relations and a minor in business administration. Taylor has a passion for writing and helping others share their story.