If you are considering moving your Sage X3 system to the cloud, it is important to choose the right cloud platform and hosting provider that will help you meet your organization’s goals. Sage X3 cloud hosting in a Microsoft Azure hosting environment incorporates business processes into one unifying software design. By migrating Sage X3 software to the cloud, you can eliminate the drawbacks of on-premise ERP software and utilize a more flexible and scalable platform for your organization. A Managed Service Provider (MSP) can help you manage your public cloud infrastructure by providing ongoing support from certified experts. An MSP will be equipped to handle all cloud operations for your organization– from planning and implementation, backups, security and performance monitoring, while you maintain ownership of your Sage X3 cloud hosting infrastructure. Below we will discuss the benefits of Sage X3 cloud hosting and how your IT partner can help you navigate your cloud environment. 

Customize Your Cloud Infrastructure

According to a report from Multisoft, 80% of organizations report operational improvements within the first few months of adopting new cloud technologies. One of the many benefits of Sage X3 cloud hosting is the ability to customize your environment to meet your business needs and utilize industry-specific solutions and best practices. Sage X3 cloud hosting is designed to scale with your organization as it grows or changes, providing flexibility and control. Whether you are looking to implement finance, sales, CRM or manufacturing solutions, your IT partner can help you integrate functions at your own pace depending on your organization’s goals.    

Maintain Data Ownership with Sage X3 Cloud Hosting

Data ownership is one of the most important factors of cloud hosting, and with Microsoft Azure’s public cloud hosting environment you keep complete control over your data. Your organization can decide where your data resides and can move or change it as needed.  Microsoft Azure provides over 50 datacenter locations to choose from, with multiple options for business continuity and disaster recovery.  

Secure Your Sage X3 in a Cloud Platform

With complete data ownership comes the responsibility of security, which is an essential component to your organization’s success. In 88% of cases, human error is to blame for cloud breaches (cloudwards.net). Microsoft Azure Cloud is equipped with security features to help ensure your data is protected, and working with a security-focused MSP will significantly reduce the risk of potential cyber-attacks. Your IT partner can ensure you are up to date with security compliance standards and identify potential threats before they occur with 24/7 monitoring from security experts.  

Migrating Sage X3 to a Microsoft Azure cloud environment can seem overwhelming. However, choosing an IT partner with extensive cloud and ERP expertise will make managing your cloud infrastructure a more simple and efficient process. There are many benefits of Sage X3 cloud hosting, including flexibility, control, and security for your organization.  

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Author: Taylor Carter

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