A data security breach or natural disaster can interrupt normal operations of business, costing your organization money and causing detrimental downtime. While these events are typically unexpected, there are methods and steps you can take before, during, and after to protect your cloud environment and the continuity of your business. A small investment in security now can save you in the future. To fully protect your business, your security solution should help prepare your environment for potential threats and incorporate a proper cloud disaster recovery plan. With Microsoft Azure cloud services, your organization can strengthen your security posture, and reduce costs by leveraging the solution you have at your disposal for free. Working with an IT provider who knows how to utilize the tools you already pay for can help better secure your environment and improve cloud data security. Below discusses how Microsoft Azure cloud security features can help protect your business: 

How to Protect Your Environment: Cloud Data Security   

Microsoft Azure Cloud Security Center 

A security breach can be extremely expensive and harmful to your business. Azure cloud services implements multi-layered security protections to help ensure your information is protected. The software has built-in security solutions and free monitoring tools that will alert you to certain security threats and vulnerabilities within your environment. With hundreds of datacenters in 50 regions, you can store data in different cloud locations to protect your business exactly how you want to and improve cloud data security. Multi-site availability provides a path of data replication between data centers at different locations, providing an added security measure and faster backup time. 

Solutions for Compliance 

According to a security compliance survey, 50% of organizations say they spend 6-10% of their revenue on compliance costs. Whether your regulatory requirements are industry related or customer driven, ensuring compliance is essential to your business. Azure provides built-in tool sets and templates that you can apply to automatically configure things to meet certain regulatory compliance requirements for your business. Azure allows you to configure the environment parameters to meet your specific compliance regulations. With tailored security that meets your needs, you eliminate wasteful spending and costs from cybersecurity insurance premiums. 

How to Plan for Unexpected Events:  

Cloud Disaster Recovery Plan with Flexible Restore Methods  

According to a report by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), 40 percent of businesses never reopen after a disaster. This includes events such as hurricanes, earthquakes, flooding, security breaches and IT incidents like equipment failures and power outages. If your organization becomes compromised, a proper cloud disaster recovery plan can help minimize potential downtime and allow you to recover business operations quickly and effectively.  Azure provides flexible restore options with multiple tools at your disposal to help your business recover. To help prepare for an unexpected event,  you can easily test your disaster recovery and business continuity to see the reliability and effectiveness of your solution without impacting business operations. Working with an IT provider who has a strong understanding of Azure cloud services and implements a strong backup and recovery plan that goes beyond regular backups will help your business easily recover in case of an emergency.  

Disruptions and disasters can strike at any time. Leveraging the right security solution and incorporating a cloud disaster recovery plan will help protect and prepare your organization while saving you money in the future. Your IT partner should know how to utilize Microsoft Azure cloud security tools that come free with the solution and have the expertise to set them up and properly manage your environment. The right provider should create strong security practices to help you proactively protect your environment, while also preparing you for an unexpected event.  

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