When it comes to artificial intelligence (AI), there’s an abundance of vendors that offer diverse solutions for businesses, presenting exciting opportunities for innovation. However, this expanding marketplace also introduces complex security challenges that must be addressed. 

Whether it’s AI bots participating in meetings or computational systems analyzing datasets, sensitive information is shared with the AI system, highlighting the importance of choosing an AI vendor wisely. When entrusting data to a vendor, understanding their commitment to security is crucial. To navigate this complex landscape of AI and security, we will cover some essential topics to consider when utilizing AI solutions. 

Data Privacy

Data serves as the foundation of AI, raising a critical question: How is sensitive data handled? Understanding how data is collected, processed, and stored is essential when implementing AI solutions into your business processes. When selecting a vendor, prioritize those with robust measures for data privacy and security. They should provide clear documentation outlining data utilization within their AI solutions. Here are some key questions to consider when it comes to AI and data privacy: 

Where is my data being stored?

Transparency regarding data storage is crucial. Some vendors may opt for overseas storage, potentially raising legal and security concerns depending on your business. A reputable vendor maintains clear policies detailing the locations where your data is stored. 

Is my data being sold?

Consider whether your vendor has policies or practices related to selling or sharing data. It’s vital to ensure that your data isn’t being monetized or shared with third parties without your knowledge. 

Who has access to my data?

Maintaining strict control over who can access your data is essential. This includes individuals within your business as well as external parties associated with your vendors. Clear and well-defined access rules and security measures are necessary to protect your data effectively.  

What happens to my data if there is a breach?

A trustworthy AI vendor prioritizes robust security measures to protect your data throughout its lifecycle, from collection to disposal. In the unfortunate event of a breach, they should have stringent incident response protocols in place. 

Fortunately, some AI solutions offer compliance tools and policies to ensure data control. For example, Microsoft’s Copilot provides compliance dashboards that you can apply to ensure your data is stored and processed according to your preferences. However, configuring these compliance policies requires the expertise of an IT provider to ensure comprehensive protection. 

Employee Awareness and Security Protocols

Beyond data privacy, it’s essential to acknowledge that employees may utilize AI tools without your company’s knowledge, potentially compromising business or customer data. Despite your business’s stance on AI, monitoring employee activity is challenging. 

To mitigate risk, it’s important to provide training and educational resources to employees to raise awareness about the responsible use of AI technologies and the importance of data security. A trusted IT provider can assist with employee education and enforce security protocols within your businesses, safeguarding endpoints from unauthorized software installation. 

Selecting a Trusted IT Provider to Help Navigate  AI and Security

In addition to evaluating AI vendors, working with a reliable IT provider is essential to successfully navigate the landscape of AI and security. At CBIZ CompuData, we can help ensure that your AI initiatives are implemented securely and effectively. Our tailored solutions, comprehensive support, and commitment to security can empower your business to leverage the power of AI while maintaining the highest levels of security and compliance. 

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Author: Ed Guarrieri

As CBIZ CompuData’s Chief Operating Officer, Ed is always on the forefront of innovation in the technology industry and brings over 10 years of progressive technology leadership experience to CBIZ CompuData. His career began in technical engineering where he consulted with customers to build cloud transition roadmaps for their IT Infrastructure. Motivated and passionate about new technologies, Ed leveraged his robust experience with large datasets and security compliance knowledge to scale CBIZ CompuData’s cloud business.