A business can grow only as quickly as its technology stack allows. Designing an IT infrastructure – one capable of moving in lockstep with your business – is a necessity. Creating this technology strategy may seem like a daunting task. This is made less so when you select the right business technology partner. Choosing to work with a trusted Managed Service Provider (MSP) unlocks access to a team of experienced IT practitioners who can architect and implement tailor-made solutions aligned to your business needs and future goals. By understanding your operational, fiscal, and growth objectives, an MSP works with and for you on strategies that reduce technology debt, increase operational and capital cost transparency, and improve the value added by placing the right technology in the right places. Learn more about how an MSP partnership can become a catalyst for your business with these 3 key advantages: 

1. Consolidation of the IT Stack 

For businesses with multiple locations, managing various technology solutions from different vendors can be complex and inefficient. An MSP can play a critical role in consolidating your organization’s IT stack, eliminating disparate systems, and standardizing the technology experience. With a homogenized technical stack, there is greater visibility into the cost of IT, an improved user experience, and immediate reliability and resiliency benefits. 

An experienced MSP will provide you with a comprehensive onboarding plan. This process should include a technical assessment of the current state of IT and 1:1 time with Account Management to develop a technology roadmap for the business. The MSP will ensure the roadmap is aligned to leadership’s strategic vision and define strategies that identify and eliminate technical debt. With the right plan, integrating all IT components, such as hardware, software, networks, and cloud services is achievable. Imagine having an environment where you can be guaranteed uptime, compatibility, and security all at scale across the business? With the right business technology partner, it can be a reality! 

“In our partnership with CompuData, their onboarding model has been instrumental in achieving significant improvements in three crucial aspects,” said Paul Ferguson, Director of Information Technologies at Skin and Aesthetic Centers. “Firstly, the unification of the IT stack has streamlined our processes and enhanced overall efficiency. Secondly, the predictability of IT spend has brought much-needed stability to our budgeting, allowing us to allocate resources more effectively. Lastly, the scalability of service has enabled us to adapt and grow with ease, meeting the demands of our expanding business. CompuData’s commitment to delivering on these core areas has been commendable, and we look forward to furthering our successful collaboration in the future.”

2. Predictable & Forecastable IT Spend 

IT costs that cannot be well forecasted burst budgets and hinder growth plans. If you have multiple cost and profit centers, each managed by a growing number of different IT vendors, achieving predictability in IT spend becomes a moving target. There is hope – just as an MSP can provide strategy to vision, so too can it bring stability and transparency to the cost of IT.  

How does this work? MSPs present services and pricing tailored to the specific needs of your business. Consolidating vendors, licensing, and other IT services under one provider not only streamlines communications, but it also consolidates cost. An MSP can provide a forecastable OPEX and identify cycles of larger CAPEX investments more accurately. The goal is to provide a business with more clarity around technology and leverage it to bring greater value to its target market. 

“Our journey with CompuData as our IT partner has been nothing short of transformative. Their expertise and support have been instrumental in fueling our growth through strategic acquisitions,” stated Rob Eastwick-Haskell, Chief Technology and Innovation Officer at Diversified Search Group.  “Thanks to CompuData’s guidance, we have been able to standardize our technology stack across all our business units, ensuring seamless integration and operational efficiency. Their consistent management and forecasting of our IT spend has enabled us to make informed, strategic decisions with confidence. With CompuData as our partner, we have been able to scale our business efficiently and effortlessly.”

3. Scalability of Service 

Maintaining disparate pieces of infrastructure that do not communicate well is a drain on the business and on morale. You may have the greatest accounting application in the world, but if your network is constantly dropping, it will not matter. Businesses must build technology to support operations today and where the brand will grow tomorrow.  

Managed Service Providers stay current on a broad range of technology solutions supported by partnerships with top vendors in the industry. Using an MSPs experience and vendor relationships extends a business’s ability to meet internal and external growth demands. Opening a new site? An MSP can assist with setting up uniform network, systems, and other services from a centralized administrative, management, and cost perspective. Further, the MSPs technical and project management resources can alleviate the resource burden of coordination, further freeing up time and energy for other important tasks. 

An MSP can add tremendous value in helping a business to think holistically and with scalability in mind. 

The CompuData Difference 

The right MSP should be more than just a service provider; they should be a strategic partner dedicated to understanding the unique needs and growth aspirations of your business. At CompuData, we have a proven track record of delivering successful IT solutions to our clients. We work closely with organizations to assess their specific requirements, identify areas for improvement, and design tailored IT strategies that align with their objectives. CompuData’s  onboarding model is designed to deliver unified, predictable, and scalable IT services that fuel growth for your business. Whether you need a provider to complement your existing IT team or serve as your primary IT operations department, CompuData has the proper tools and expertise to support your business.  

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Author: Michael Ulrich

Michael serves customers as a Systems Engineer on CBIZ CompuData's Project Team. With nearly 10 years in the field, Michael provides expertise in systems and network engineering, project management, and solution architecture. His early career in Higher Education has enabled Michael to teach and translate technology for clients in a way that is clear and concise. Michael works exclusively with CBIZ CompuData's largest clients to design a holistic IT strategy, deliver a uniform onboarding experience, and provide a seamless transition to ongoing support and account management.