Drew Rosado is CompuData’s Virtual Chief Information Officer (vCIO). Drew brings ten years of IT experience and extensive knowledge in the startup, development, and growth of various non-profits and small businesses. His background as a Technology Director/CIO gives Drew a unique perspective to provide IT strategy and planning to help companies excel. At CompuData, Drew works closely with clients to support their growth initiatives by matching their business goals with a holistic technology solution.

Drew attended Temple University and graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Greek and Roman Classics. Drew also attended St. Joseph’s University, where he graduated with a Master of Science in Technology and Instructional Design. He was the first male in his family to graduate college and the first to achieve an advanced degree.

In his previous role, Drew helped develop a startup Cyber School, which grew from 145 students to 400+ in 5 years. He optimized their IT infrastructure for growth and scalability, all while cutting costs. Drew also led an IT team and worked to streamline and unify various systems across four physical locations. Additionally, he has been sharing his knowledge as an Adjunct Instructor at Temple University for over eight years.

  • Favorite Food:
  • Hidden Talent:
    I have a Black Belt in Aikido (Japanese defensive art)
  • If you were a superhero, your superpower would be:
    Immortality (so much to do and learn)
  • Favorite Animal:
  • Favorite part about working at CompuData:
    Our Team! I love working with our teams, they are not only talented and hardworking, but fun! Most importantly, they truly care for each other.
  • If money wasn’t an object – what would your dream job be?:
    A marine archaeologist! Or, I would want to pair my love of technology and desire to help low-income communities by providing technology training to help better their careers, and by effect, their lives.