Ed Guarrieri CompuData’s Vice President of Technology. He is always on the forefront of innovation in the technology industry and brings over 10 years of progressive technology leadership experience to CompuData. Ed attended Syracuse University where he obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Information Technology and currently is the Vice President of Technology at CompuData.

His career began in technical engineering where he consulted with customers to propose technical solutions and helped architect and implement elaborate IT plans throughout the customer’s infrastructure. Motivated and passionate about technology, Ed leveraged his robust experience with big data and security compliance knowledge to scale CompuData’s cloud business.

Ed Guarrieri began designing, framing architects, and pricing the cloud which in turn contributed to over 1,000% growth in the company’s cloud computing business. His vast technical knowledge and business acumen contributed to the company’s overall 50% growth across all IT product and service offerings. As CompuData’s VP of Technology, looking to the future, Ed’s priority is to remain on the cutting edge of IT and continuously create innovative solutions to solve tomorrow’s problems.

  • Favorite Food:
    Poke bowl – look it up!
  • Personal Goal:
    I would love to see more of the world, raise my children to appreciate the uniqueness of the world, and break 90 in golf.
  • Favorite Sports Team:
    10, 9, 8, Seventy-Sixers!
  • Favorite part about working at CompuData:
    The people. My coworkers are like family to me. We enjoy working together, but also enjoy each other’s company even when it doesn’t have anything to do with work.
  • Hidden Talent:
    I make a really good omelet
  • If money wasn’t an object – what would your dream job be?
    I’d be an astronaut