Lisa deLeon is CompuData’s Senior Director of Finance.  Lisa is a process-driven leader who believes in leveraging technology to create simple, automated processes which deliver usable information to all levels within a company. Lisa has over twenty years of cross-industry experience in finance, accounting, and financial systems.

Lisa graduated from Drexel University where she dual majored in Accounting and Finance and went on to complete her master’s degree in Business Intelligence at St. Joseph’s University. Lisa began her career as a financial analyst where she developed a passion for simplifying accounting and finance processes through process review and implementation of finance and accounting technology (aka: you don’t have to do everything in a spreadsheet!).   As she progressed in her career, she became an expert in the implementation of financial systems and subsystems evaluating and creating efficiencies across the many arenas of finance including accounting, consolidations, planning and budgeting, procure-to-pay and treasury.

As CompuData’s Senior Director of Finance, Lisa’s priority is to assist CompuData in providing our customers with the best product and service offerings at the lowest possible cost to enable CompuData and our customers to continue to thrive and grow.

  • Favorite Sports Team:

    Or, if you don’t follow professional cycling…
    Go Birds! E-A-G-L-E-S, Eagles!
  • Favorite Food:
    Bananas, yes I am that basic.
  • Personal Goal:
    Visit all the National Parks in the US.
  • Favorite part about working for CompuData:
    The people. It is great to be surrounded by talented, supportive, kind team members every single day.
  • If money wasn’t an object – what would your dream job be?
  • Hidden Talent:
    I do my own home improvements. Really. Plumbing, electric, drywall, kitchens, baths. My parents flipped houses when I was a kid, so I learned to do it all!