Happy New Year!

Having a long close, with spreadsheets and reconciliations? It’s time to fuel your accounting and financial management processes with integration, automation, and acceleration. And we’ve made it easy for you to do just that.

Catch this webinar to hear how a Series A SaaS startup replaced Quickbooks with a SaaS finance tech stack that brings everything into one place for quicker strategic decisions, accurate and consistent forecasts, and improved cashflow thanks to one platform for automated revenue recognition, flexible billing and reporting.

After 100s of customer interviews and thousands of implementations, we’ve put together the package that Seed and Series A SaaS startups have been asking for, 300+ billing scenarios, up and running in 60 days, at 40% off if you had to buy the software pieces separately.

Register now to see how you can take advantage of special pricing and a 60-day implementation to fuel the growth of your SaaS startup from 2022 to IPO and beyond.

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