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Financial service organizations are continuously facing rising administrative expenses, growing competition and increasing regulatory requirements. Additionally, staff members are spending countless hours on tedious and error-prone financial reporting, preparing everything from income statements to budgets and analyses. The ability to manage growth, control costs, provide additional services, and ensure compliance can be overwhelming but it’s crucial for success. And in today’s environment, privacy and security must be a top priority as you need to protect your customer’s money and data.

CompuData’s financial services technology solution can:

  • Manage multiple entities from a single location with centralized control
  • Eliminate the manual spreadsheet work and journal entries that overwhelm the finance team
  • Create real-time, accurate reports to gain visibility into the entire organization
  • Oversee the full audit trail so that every change is documented
  • Manage expenses and monitor performance for increased margins and visibility
  • Ensure GAAP compliance across all operating companies

CompuData’s advanced solution, Sage Intacct, is the only cloud-financial services accounting system preferred by the AICPA. Sage Intacct offers robust capabilities making it the world’s leading multi-entity, multicurrency cloud accounting system. Our solution revolves around financial management and gives you complete insight into your financials while complying with industry regulations. Leveraging business technology is essential to keep financial service organizations on track for success. Our solution is able to meet tight regulations to keep customer information private and secure. Moreover, it provides increased product and service offerings in order for your firm to remain competitive and fulfill customer’s needs.

SIEM and IT Security
IT Security

IT Security

We understand the unique challenges faced by financial services organizations who operate in one of the most targeted industries. Due to the nature of having extremely sensitive and valuable data, your organization is often targeted by cyber criminals, but we offer tailored security solutions to help minimize your risk. CompuData’s security offering enables your organization to detect and defend against cyber-attacks to help ensure your assets are protected.

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Managed IT

Managed IT

CompuData provides companies in the financial services industry our expertise with compliance requirements. We understand the needs of your company and make sure you are retaining data for the appropriate amount of time to meet regulation requirements. We help your organization prepare for the future by supporting your IT infrastructure and keeping your data protected.

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