accounting software for food and beverage companies

The most prevalent challenges the Food & Beverage industry faces on a daily basis are ingredient traceability, shelf-life tracking, recipe management and seasonal demand forecasting. Constant adjustments to products, packaging and pricing make it a priority for F&B organizations to efficiently manage inventory. Additionally, supply chain management is crucial especially since materials are perishable and products have a limited shelf life. FDA compliance requirement are also continuously changing. This results in a great need for reliable tracking and traceability processes, to ensure food safety and quality. So, how do you keep up in this industry? Today’s Food and Beverage companies are leveraging business technology solutions and Sage Intacct accounting software to manage their daily operations and drive their success.

CompuData’s business technology solutions and accounting software give companies in the Food and Beverage industry powerful capabilities including:

  • Two-way lot traceability enabling you to increase transparency and supply chain accuracy
  • Stock status, shelf-life management and expiry tracking to ensure quality across your supply chain
  • Extensive quality control and traceability of lots, sub-lots, ingredients and allergens
  • Identify improvement areas and systematization possibilities
  • Meet goals for sourcing, improve forecast accuracy and control all aspects of inventory management
  • Optimize inventory and reduce waste by tracking expiration, spoilage, and shelf-life
  • Protect business from system malfunctions and data breeches with support for your point of sales (POS) system

CompuData’s advanced financial management software, Sage Intacct for food & beverage, can help resolve multi-entity business challenges, automate franchise operations and and increase business agility for your company. We specialize in helping food & beverage companies streamline operations in order to boost productivity and growth. Designed for the food and beverage industry, our accounting software solution and other business technology solutions allow you to easily manage inventory, reduce waste and gain complete visibility across all operations.