CompuData is now part of CBIZ. CompuData is now part of CBIZ.

Today’s manufacturers are always looking for ways to streamline business processes, break down barriers to growth, improve their supply chain, and enhance inventory management. Manufactures need an efficient ERP solution in place that will rapidly fulfill customer demands and keep pace with industry trends.


Our advanced manufacturing ERP solution can:

  • Improve operational visibility of front office, warehouse and manufacturing plant floor
  • Maintain strong relationships and meet customer demands by putting your customers at the center of your business
  • Streamline order processing while improving accuracy through the Product Configurator
  • Optimize demand management and inventory control for strong cost saving capabilities
  • Use lean methodologies to improve lead times, reduce waste, and enhance customer satisfaction
  • Promote tighter collaboration throughout the supply chain to maximize operational efficiency

CompuData’s manufacturing ERP software is a flexible solution designed for manufacturers that is easy to use, deploy and maintain. It is designed around the unique operational needs of the manufacturing industry and can easily overcome growth and scalability challenges. With Epicor ERP and Epicor Cloud ERP software solutions, manufacturers have the support to tackle complex regulation requirements. Additionally, our solution has the capabilities to streamline warehouse management, custom make-to-order manufacturing, and mixed-mode manufacturing. Our manufacturing software solution significantly enhances collaboration, responsiveness, simplicity, and mobility that today’s manufacturers are looking for.

Cloud Hosting manufacturing
Cloud Hosting

Cloud Hosting

CompuData’s cloud solution simplifies business operations by interconnecting all manufacturing locations and implementing Wi-Fi in each warehouse. Our cloud hosting service allows manufacturers to standardize their operations across platforms, control them all at once, and eliminate the need to independently manage various locations or entities.

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Managed IT

Managed IT

CompuData’s strategic IT approach provides manufacturers the reliability needed to keep the business running smoothly. We understand how imperative it is that workstations are up and running at all times in order to meet demand, maximize productivity and increase profitability. Our proactive approach allows us to plan for and resolve challenges before they negatively impact your manufacturing business.

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