Aerospace and defense manufacturing

Aerospace & Defense manufacturers are faced with a strict set of government and industry mandated regulatory requirements. These strict requirements demand manufacturers have tight control over the manufacturing process and must provide full traceability to adhere properly. Additionally, cyber-attacks against the industry are driving greater investments in security technology.  For these manufacturers, it is a top priority to protect intellectual property. Aerospace & Defense manufacturers are turning to Epicor ERP software to fulfill their need for flexible reporting, real-time project analysis, and revenue recognition; to successfully grow their business.

Our ERP software is designed to provide aerospace and defense manufacturers with the capabilities to:

  • Ensure profitable projects by monitoring the planning, scheduling, analysis, and financial recognition for every project
  • Increase operational productivity and significantly reduce your paper footprint
  • Support for stringent product traceability and compliance requirements
  • Deploy lean methodologies to improve lead times and reduce waste in the manufacturing process
  • Manage growth in an uncertain government spending environment

CompuData’s solution, Epicor ERP, is specifically designed for manufacturing organizations who supply products and services to the aerospace and defense industry. Epicor is a powerful ERP platform that has a robust infrastructure. Our ERP software offers a comprehensive approach to automating the compliance process. Furthermore, our solution has a proven ability to generate a complete audit trail of all changes made to the data and records. As regulations change and cyber-attacks occur, the aerospace and defense industry needs more protection and security than ever before. Epicor offers a complete end-to-end solution that manages all aspects of a product’s life cycle while keeping your data safe and secure.