The automotive industry is continuously experiencing growth. To keep up with the industry, automotive manufacturers need to constantly be innovating as new advanced vehicles are developed, demographic preferences shift, and hybrid models are created. Precision and efficiency are key attributes in the automotive industry as insufficient planning, inaccurate supply chain management, and order discrepancies can significantly hinder the success of automotive manufacturers. Manufacturers in the automotive industry are utilizing ERP software to overcome these obstacles and maintain tight control over daily operations.

Our ERP solution can keep your business on pace with the global automotive market by:

  • Improving lead time and reducing waste through implementation of lean production strategies
  • Synchronizing manufacturing operations globally through enterprise purchasing management and multi-plant management
  • Reducing shipping errors and tightening inventory accuracy with serialized inventory tracking
  • Ensuring quality and ISO requirements are being met with integrated quality control
  • Providing visibility into global processes through multi-plant management

CompuData understands the unique needs automotive manufacturers face and provides a solution that is designed to meet those needs. Leverage our Automotive ERP solution to take your organization to the next level with continuous innovation, strategic planning and enhanced customer service. Our solution can be fully integrated with your machinery and software as well as your back-office and front-office systems. This will ensure you have complete control over operations and full visibility into the organization at all times. Epicor ERP provides automotive manufacturers with the scalability and mobility they need to stay connected and drive their business forward.