Chemical Manufacturers ERP

The chemical industry is pressed with pricing volatility, tight compliance restrictions, and complex formula management. It is crucial to meet regulatory requirements regarding labeling, reporting, and traceability against ingredients and finished goods. To meet industry expectations, chemical manufacturers are leveraging Epicor ERP software. This software enables manufacturers to effectively run their warehouses while also easily managing budget expenses and revenue.

With Epicor ERP, chemical manufactures have the ability to:

  • Manage all regulatory documents including GHS labels SDS sheets and certificates of analysis (COA)
  • Improve inventory visibility to enhance warehouse efficiency
  • Control formula development and quality
  • Manage hazardous materials and reduce compliance risks
  • Reduce waste through utilizing inventory management control
  • Track individual lots from procurement through manufacturing

CompuData’s solution allows chemical manufacturers to seamlessly adhere to regulatory requirements. Epicor ERP ensures proper labeling and reporting to increase traceability and visibility. Additionally, Epicor ERP meets the unique needs of chemical manufacturers within one comprehensive platform. Chemical manufacturers can also leverage our solution to develop innovative products, test new formulas, and perform batch sizing and scaling.