Electronics & High Tech Manufacturing

High Tech and Electronics manufacturers are under constant pressure to introduce innovative products that are more appealing, reliable and less expensive. With strains on material availability and tight industry regulations, manufacturers are looking to improve the quality of their products. Additionally, they want to increase accuracy to become more cost-efficient. Facing short product life cycles, extended lead times, and complex supply chain networks; high tech and electronics manufacturers lean heavily on technology. Epicor ERP software allows electronics and high tech manufacturers to grow their bottom line by controlling costs to combat shrinking margins.

With our Electronics & High Tech ERP software you can:

  • Identify cost savings in the supply chain with the purchase order suggestions feature
  • Simplify customer order handling and deliver parts quickly and accurately
  • Manage procurement or parts down to the specific manufacturer item number
  • Leverage batch, lot, and serial number tracking and RFID tracking to maximize efficiency
  • Accommodate multi-location, multi-currency, multi-language needs
  • Navigate the ever-changing landscape of mergers and acquisitions in the electronics industry

CompuData offers Epicor ERP software for Electronics & High Tech that is a fully-integrated engineering, production and supply chain solution designed to facilitate rapid product transfer and production volume ramp up. With our solution, manufacturers can get their products to market quicker and more efficiently. Additionally, our solution enables manufacturers to manage outsourcing operations to reduce costs and facilitate effective customer and channel communication.